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  • G23 I know I'm getting as bad sorry lol :))

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  • Sile... Where's your magic wand? Need it to make them all go poof away lol :))

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  • A man visits his doctor and complains that he feels like he has 5 legs. The doctor asks him how do his pants fit? The man replies, "Like a glove!"

  • and even DC gives a bonus for your registration, they really love their users, they don't care about anything here, they just want to rip everyone off.

  • rander or is it wrinkles maybe pintar whatever one you are on at the moment you really need to change your sales pitch its so last year!

  • Hey, you talk about a leader as a cult, you watch a lot of movies, don't you? :'''D

  • @granite that is what Spammers do.They must have a leader they listen to.

  • Or that is what you are trying to make people think, but like I said do you really think we all came down in the last shower!

  • If this other site is so bloody wonderful, why are the wasting their time writing on here? Please just sod off. My dog has more common sense than this lot! Get outta here.

  • The site was great until the flash was gone and the games were very badly manipulated by moving them to HTML5 and if they don't pay or let you deposit it is because they really intend to close the site

  • Glad you will stay mews.Keep smiling good for you! :))

  • JB I shall stay here till they carry me off!! lol I think it used to be the best of the best games site. Makes me sad how things have gone now.

  • eveline1950 I assure you that if you would come to that site you would be more valued than here that not even their games work correctly....