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  • try google

  • Could someone please pass me the link to access the site you are talking about? thanks!

  • Definitely a disgruntled ex employee probably the one that created the PayPal mess.

  • KMS57 Kate thanks for the PM you are not the only one hun Oh and I was going to msg you back but you have that switched off lol :))

  • Susan, I remember a group trying to close the blog here. The minions are still around.

  • OMA'S birthday list 7 June: --- GSLEADER1471 --- ISABELLA5780 --- KAREN_FOR --- MS.LUCKY6---------- THANKS xx

  • @Terror..could be just 1 person doing it or maybe 2 of them..all I know is whoever wrote their spammer bot scripts need to take lessons in writing...its' so boring! lol

  • Hi eveline1950 I had to go back to page 25 to read your post lol. Omg! Yes straight to the point like me. Some can't handle facts for sure! But in saying that? there are many funny posts & interesting posts off other players!!! We got a record breaker here & still another 24/hrs. Yet! "E" :-)

  • <<

  • I have a suggestion to solve the problem with the shovel and pile of sand that should only be there if you haven't put up anything else, but that all of a sudden popped up in the picture I created on my profile page about 6 months ago: GET RID OF IT ALL TOGETHER! Finally you can solve something!

  • All of these "revived" players sounds like one person talking, lol!

  • I think it's great that you are defending this site, but you are fooling yourselves, it is known that king sold RG and it will soon be deactivated....

  • maybe wrinkles is next!!!!

  • Oops there goes Brigette

  • so far kingdom and kazoo have either been deleted or changed the names.

  • LOL Sile..good one :))))

  • My doctor was giving me a hard time about my health. To get back on his good side I bought a puppy and named him 'Five Miles'. That way, when I went to see my doctor I could tell him, "I walk five miles every morning!"

  • We sure deserve it :))


  • Yes, there's nothing like a good lol