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  • You've been spending too much time visiting Flatworld Sile. :)

  • Well, CV it was either that one or the name of one of The Fonz's pals from Happy Days?

  • Yippee...I may have won a little bit on tonight's FR!

  • Hey down below Joe,stop knocking the Americans.Really a need for it.

  • Trust me to see in 3D but write in 2

  • @PW, got that Bangles tune running thro my head, Walk like an Egyptian. :)

  • PW as much as I Tri I can't get the angle you are coming from ;))

  • I just wish they would give back control of the site to the people who knew what they were doing. REmember. Candy Crush gameshow was a flop. Not even Mario Lopez could keep it afloat.

  • So CV, is it a bit like a scheme with a name that resembles a 3D structure with a square base and four triangular sides meeting at a point?

  • I agree with you fran l meet some great friends on here and l am staying here

  • Duellcom is German, it runs the other site. Looks like an US based franchise to open up a market there, however with esport's involvement I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

  • BEWARE of the site Duelcash... Dueliom Technology LLC based in California doesn't seem to exist. TOS should have a physical address of office, but doesn't. Too many things about the site, TOS, and the way it's run just doesn't add up. Could be legit, but I have serious doubts!!

  • That is true Fran.I am staying,made some good friends here :)

  • After a quarrel, a husband said to his Wife, "You know, I was a fool when I married you." The wife replied, "Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn't notice it."

  • Many of us are becoming used to playing mostly Free games . We play these games with friends and do not want to go anywhere else !

  • Kind of agree with Rick I am staying until they carry me out, I'm too stubborn to leave under my own steam ;-)

  • SUGGESTION: One can play bur just use readymade comments,,--good backgammon,,,and FREE....

  • LOL PW :)))

  • kingdom, I'm well aware of what King/Royal are doing. All of my favorite games here are long gone. A lot of us that remain are here because of the people we have grown to know over the years - it's the main reason I'm still here.

  • This might be a good one ....