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  • I'm listening to it right now lol ;))

  • How long does it take this site to approve a pic?

  • I got it free with the album Led Zeppelin I

  • One of those that accepts Bitcoin but gives away a dollar?

  • Dazed and Confused? Is that site free to join? ;-))

  • I am now officially dazed and confused lolol ;)))

  • It's ok we are now starting to talk to ourselves just like we have been told to ;-))

  • I meant for the site,smarty lol :)) My belly is hurting from lol

  • I had one done overnight about 2 months ago not sure now.

  • I thought you gonna answer me honestly,instead you throw a joke smart aleck lol :)))

  • Nothing like forgetting what nationality you are suppose to be portraying lol :))

  • How long does it take now for a pic approval?

  • A dollar? What is wrong with a King's Shilling?

  • Justbreathe45 and if you are not interested don't answer and that's it, have a nice day!

  • mitch1960 You're right mate, I already got it and I also think I crossed you in the solitaire freeroll and just beat you :P

  • It was Richie. Who cares about getting whatever from the other place.I certainly don't

  • OMA'S birthday list 5 June: --- MOHPED --- NURSESCOTTY --- TWOYIS --- WALT233--------------- thanks. xxx -------SHAZANDBOB's Greyhound Shadow has lost his fight with cancer. Kind thoughts please Thank you xxx

  • Not Ralph or Richie ;-)

  • Good for you Susan :))

  • The Fonz's pals? Sounds more like 1 of his schemes. ;)