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  • Since the number of players have been increased from 2 to 3 I have won very few games. It is now costing way to much to play.

  • And @ Solitairirish, I do take my handle seriously cause it is ME! I'ts the name I gave to my EGO. MY real name and identity is my ID.

  • Plus it helps that @Crystal_Voyager kinda nudged me in the right direction indirectly. OMG BARS. LOL! So big ups to her, she's a "real one"

  • WE had way too many incidents with theft. Why I was consulted. They liked my thought so they took the leash off. Now no more theft. I'm a fixer. It's what I do.

  • Joe "Thunder" maybe not take your handle so seriously? What are you smokin? I suggest you knock it off. This blog is for friendly and funny remarks. And please quit taking shots at the Americans. Doesn't become U.

  • You get paid to sniff out liars? I work for an office full of EEs and not a one of them has that particular skill. Lucky for me or I'd have to work harder.....

  • One too many lies for my liking, the rest of you don't like it, suck it!

  • I am involved in the hiring process for the company more as a consutant. My first rule: you lie on your RESUME, you don't even make it in the door cause if you were wiling to lie about that, what else you gonna lie about. Same applies to RG.

  • So it's clear, RG is just being a bully(american) and I learned a long time ago that to beat a bully you need to out-bully them. So this is me throwing my weight around in their direction until they shake my $$$ loose like it's their lunch money. Plus I get paid to sniff out liars.

  • ha ha ...yes, a tad. Live long and prosper. xxx

  • Apparently twice as much as I thought....

  • Solitairish Facts, huh? You must have a bit of Vulcan blood mixed in there. :)

  • Solitairish Facts, huh? You must have a bit of Vulcan blood mixed in there. :)

  • My guess is that RG has been a naughty client which is why PayPal froze them and probably fined them. Agree that complaining to PayPal might move things along a bit. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Flinging stereotypes around is no way to be friends, may I say? My background includes the land of the obedient, the land of the smug and the land of the free... but I do try to be objective and just use facts. Peace, love and light xxxx

  • Stay clear from me!!

  • TRUST ME! YOU do not want any of this smoke. You'll choke on it. I promise.

  • And they are also going to email me updates. Want me to forward them to ya!? Or do you wanna shutty now. I can just as easily switch my focus to you cause i'm still bored.

  • If Royal is such a good "client" then why are they lying. Paypal informed me of such so say what you want they are coming after Midas.

  • In the land of the arrogant, we define the client as the one who is charged for our services, which would make RG the client. But, hey, go for it - it would be awesome if it gets results!