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  • Cheekbones received £21.54, that's more than 5 or 10.

  • @rixton I wonder if the players who claim they have received payouts have only withdrawn 5 or 10 Euro which RG can cope with, while players like yourself who are waiting for 200 Euro in one transaction may never see it.

  • @johnterio Zorg ervoor dat u die boodschap omzet in ondersteuning. Ze onderzoeken het en verwijderen waarschijnlijk het account. Bedankt

  • I'm getting duelcash spam from different people daily now , is this RG inspired I wonder .

  • @cheekbones3..thanks for letting us know you got your withdrawal money! My guess is that people that haven't got theirs yet just need to be patient a little longer.

  • Tekstbericht AFZENDER: JLS1975 VERZONDEN: 10-6-21 7:00 Gebruiker Blokkeren Bericht: Sie sind ein erstaunlicher Spieler, Royalgames hat gerade in die Seite, Auszahlungen in 24 Stunden und Jackpots System investiert, versuchen Sie es! Can't you speak DUTCH??

  • Hi Sol, glad you enjoyed the videos. Reason why I posted them was some players like myself are not very good on a tech side of a computer like myself! And you can easily get trapped! I see a few posts down the user is off on one again! LOL! I see the funny side, see you on the challs/ "E" :-) xx

  • Also, more spam from "bigredfrog480"

  • "Midasplayer Skills Limited has sent you £21.54 GBP Note from Midasplayer Skills Limited: Transaction details Transaction ID: xxx 4 June 2021"

  • After that they stopped responding, my guess is that there has never been any payouts and will not be

  • As you are aware, Royal Games has been experiencing technical problems with enabling withdrawal of players' funds. We are currently working to resolve those problems as quickly as possible. We would like to reassure you that this is a payments issue associated with Paypal.

  • @silky100 Some made claims that they have recived their money last week, but that seems strange as when I asked about my 200€ withdraw they answered that it is still ongoing issues

  • Zaboukiss - This will sound strange but I can play different games on different browsers I can only play Release the Creeps on Chromium - it won't work on Microsoft Edge (and games like Stitcheroo) but I can only play Bubble Saga on Microsoft Edge. I can't play anything on Google Chrome.

  • Be there shortly lol

  • Oh yes Jb £5.60, there's no stopping me now, party all day long haha!

  • This is another one from Elaine. I think it's funnier than the first one. People in North Carolina are so nice... the police officer sound like he's from NC. Sol

  • Did anyone get their money paid out? I've been waiting so long! Would be great to hear some news.

  • I'm not a complainer/critic-it is just a game. I do agree that a general update re: deposits is not asking too much. It is our $ that keeps the site in business after all. If you can't give a date, then at least let us know the problem. Thanks

  • Well done mews,guess your having a party tomorrow. Lol from your winnings :))

  • And no I did not calm down, you only pissed me off more.