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  • i made withdrawal 17 january. Still waiting.

  • @Calerost Thank you! Good to hear some others have got their money :)

  • varför klaga här inne tar tid att betala ut pengar ni borde skriva till dom i stället för jag tycker denna sida är bra att spela här inne på ROYAL GAMES. har aldrig haft problem med spelen. det är många som kommer att stanna här inne sluta och klaga

  • du hörde rätt dom kommer nog att betala ut pengarna läste det härom dagen här inne. troligen tar dom bokstavsordning. royal games gör så gott dom kan tar lite tid. jag vet flera som har fått tillbaks pengar

  • Yep, got money on Friday I think. That was withdrawn around the start of the year, so I suspect it'll take a wee while to get round to all of them.

  • I´m still waiting on my withdraw that I did in April so I would not bet any money(hah) on that you will have yours this week ...

  • @rach_87 Keep us updated! Hope to see that you receive this

  • @Calerost no but I did it at the weekend. I'm sure on Thursday/Friday I saw a few comments saying they had finally got their money.

  • Received a PM this morning, contents were only "I've been following you, you're a great player, I recommend the site have good prizes and pay very fast, you're amazing." Interesting, as this player does not show as having visited my page

  • @rach_87 Have you received the funds that you withdrew?

  • OMA'S birthday list 8 June: -------- MIEPJE100 --- SHIRLEYDEF ---YOOP1----------------------- Thanks xxx

  • @TheClownPrince it is pretty bad when euro gamer has reported more information 2ur customers about ur failure 2pay us out money u owe us than u have! LET US KNOW WHAT THE F IS GOING ON AND WE MIGHT CUT YOU SOME SLACK! Ru going 2pay us or not? will people that made a w/drawal request get their money?

  • @gb.sue252 maybe you have to report it to RG again as the name DuelCash came up again! Oops, now I have written it down too. If you are happy here, good luck to you. Maybe you can put a deposit in, but we can't or you are a big winner. Just let it rest!

  • Same games as last Tuesday.

  • The Extra FR games mentioned in the Calendar are those that were offered for the FR games on Friday - check it.

  • Excellent - thank you Royal. All games played well, no freezing etc just rubbish playing them haha. All freerolls including daily FR and daily spinner. People if you don't like it, or the spamming of Duel think remove yourself.

  • unpaid beta tester reporting here on your failing games~2 min to load papa pear daily freeroll~3 1/2 min to load pepper panic~4 min to load papa pear~2 min to load puff fish~2 1/2 min to load farm king~2 out of 5 games froze on the ending screen. F! u get an F! u fail @everything king! #PayUs$uOweUs

  • I made a withdrawal after hearing people had got their money.

  • Slightly confused :( I thought last week people were finally getting their money from this site ? Is that still the case ?

  • Just played Diamond digger and had quite a good score. at the end de game blocked and the message 'something went wrong' appeared. score '0', really guys.