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  • I regularly get a zero score showing against an opponent even when I know I have scored, sometimes quite highly, when 'time out' comes up. I see other people have this problem too. Surely it can't be so hard to get your system to agree its scores!!!


  • So confirmed that there has not been any withdraws

  • I just played all 4 freerolls and all was ok for me. Maybe no consolation to those having problems but just thought I would pass it on. No winning positions if that eases things ;-)

  • Why are games taking over 5 minutes to load?.just tried to play candy crush FREEROLL and waited 6 never loaded and now says i have reached my limit to play.This is not the first time its happened,its a regular event.This site has been ruined!!.

  • That's good to hear! I think that makes 3 people now who have received their money, at this rate everyone should have theirs by Christmas (2030), lol! But at least the ball is rolling down the hill at last. I still don't get what paypal's problem is though?

  • I get withdrawal, one week ago.

  • I played Gin Rummy on Tuesday and when I clicked out after the game I was rated as zero, even though I had accrued a score from the game.

  • How hard can it be to provide a update on the whole deposit/withdraw situation?! It has been a month since the last "update", and no resolution for 6(!) months

  • I love treasure got the something went wrong screen and Beached buddies-never gave me the score-just showed that played.