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  • I read your posts & agree with you 100%! But now my post! The borders should have been shut way back? then we would not be in this mess too date! It's not being racist to any Country in the World! But no matter how many jabs you've had where ever? it's not under control where ever you live! 2nd

  • Kommer der aldrig gang i disse spil igen?

  • Anyone else continually getting only the lowest amount on the daily spinner? Seems to me everyone is playing the 2.80 games so I assume everyone else is only winning that on spinner too. I just scored over 1 000 000 on pap pear and only landed in 19th. That usually gets an under 10th place win.

  • @JustASmyle wow that's a good assortment of creatures you have there. I've just seen a fox sauntering past our cars and down the drive. It's past 11 pm, so it's dark. Earlier our resident hedgehog was foraging in our back garden.

  • I had a NE Cottontail hanging out in my yard for a bit, but we had to mow (tick season) and she hopped off. Once saw an Oriole, too, and we have woodpeckers around galore. Coolest "spotting" was a 'possum one night, though!

  • My name was on the birthday calendar on the list for today Well G23 that if the site will be still here for me in 8 years which it should be hugs Kez ❤️

  • I didn't know kez. Well done. Who knows if you get to 8 on here? G23 x

  • Thank you so much much for congratulations my 7 years on royal to my wonderful friends it’s a such a blessing meeting lots of lovely people on here

  • I have family in Canada & can't wait to visit them again as they get red cardinals in their garden. I think those birds are so beautiful! My partner's younger brother lives near Oxford in the country & they get these huge red kites flying over their house; their wing spans are massive!

  • G23 tell him to reboot his router and if that fails contact his ISP it still could be that even with no cash involved as some States don't allow card games.

  • How long do we have to wait for our money!!!! I’m waiting since February and cannot wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone got any clever ideas as to why my friend in California suddenly can't play my gin rummy challenges? It's not for money at all. What can he do about it please? TIA xxx

  • Thanks Bee for bringing up such a wonderful subject!

  • I live on the edge of a woods full of birds. Lately there has been a young cardinal and robin who've become fast friends. They hop around after each other and when one finds food, the other opens its mouth as if it expects to be fed. One of the mommas eventually shows up and breaks up the party.

  • I am signing off now and look forward in reading the blog tomorrow and I will look forward to the positive feed we have all created this afternoon.

  • The first time I ever saw a Buzzard it was on holiday in the West Country, I was amazed by them then. Now I think they have increased their territory throughout the country. The white tailed eagle has been introduced to the South of England, I would very much love to see one of them in flight.

  • I have enjoyed reading the blog this afternoon, it is like a breath of fresh air. Please continue to share your special moments and experiences with wildlife. I am sure we have all benefited from this in a positive way this afternoon.

  • Buzzards were re-introduced a few years back fortunately we had a breeding pair take up residence in the forest behind us and we have been monitoring them ever since > < their offspring have been inhabiting similar foresty areas around us like ripples in a pond :))

  • I have never seen a long eared owl. I have seen a kestrel in the past hovering just beyond the hedgerow. Even these are in decline now.

  • Sadly for small birds they are hunted by sparrow hawks.