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  • JB - What about your username? Is it a nod to Pearl Jam? Faith Hill? You were a Lamaze coach in a previous life?

  • Too many spam poasts regarding duelcash, or some such website. Tournaments all jacked up and still no way to withdraw/deposit funds. I am finding less reasons to play RG everyday.

  • Hi, any 27 cent games besides solitaire? I think I saw another but now I can't find it. thanks

  • kathi106 was real although what I got , from an american account was in german. I reported it and it is likely deleted by RG. So we have to conclude, if an american acct is used to contact an american acct but the mssg is in german, that something is hacked here. Okay, big surprise?!?

  • For 1 single day can't we just post other than what everyone has been getting for messages?

  • My message was from Kathi 106, this account is not real

  • I also received two messages from Samcl who is a British player and when I tried to reply her account won’t take any messages from other players: Sie sind ein guter Spieler, ich empfehle Ihnen, sie haben gute Preise. Just so you know if you receive a message from this player!

  • jag tyckte det var bra skrivet av dig tigrar10 jag tycker samma som du RoyalGames är bra att spela på

  • Thanks some of the peeps I have upset in the past by calling them out on shenanigans here, have fun with it by switching it about, kinda hilarious a tad childish but so funny :))

  • I like your username - I thought it was rather clever.

  • Darn. I created my account on a lark and ever since have regretted the all-caps username I chose at the time. I'm not usually a shouter.

  • this one together com (computer) game. Needless to say was disappointed when I couldn't change it again, but then I learned to live with it lol :))

  • Kate when you opened an account originally as a silver, it is generally the e-mail addy that becomes part of your username, you can continue to play with that or at a later date you have one chance of changing it, at the time of me becoming gold I thought that you could change again so just threw>>

  • Like I said they deleted the account or were closed by RG just like all the other ones in recent times that have been reported for spamming the blog or by PM to members. The jury is out on who or whom the culprit is, maybe disgruntled ex RG employee with privileges to access dormant accounts.

  • How do you change a username on RoyalGames? Several years ago, support told me that was the only setting that couldn't be changed. Do they allow it now?

  • That you for that but if that is the case how do they get access to this site as I thought you had to be a member/registered

  • kaspage you have been visited by a spammer touting for business from that site, accounts can disappear by being closed or in some cases changing the name, remember you have one chance of doing that. You have obliged them inadvertently by doing the job for them naming the said site.

  • Has anyone got an opinion on this

  • Hi all, I seem to be getting messages now from different people saying I am a good player and should go over to Duel Cash, when I have checked their status they are not even listed under players for RG. So I can only assume that RG are doing this as if you are not a member you can't leave messages.

  • > < Take a listen to this 13 year old.She is can sing like no other.Enjoy her Opera.Jb