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  • Thank you for the heads up Eliane l never do opening anything like that up you take care always

  • I'm sure the site will be on their cases again soon! And shut many more? but it can be relentless to the site to keep up with them! Don't open any email or messages you don't know? It can be a deadly link! See you soon & take care... "E" ❤️ xx

  • Susan you are right l just block it

  • I see the marketing spammer is back with "different" old accounts...go away please.

  • Yes I lost my Daily Spinner for months like you just posted! I would also would get a black screen! But over the past few day's it have worked for me? well 8 out of 10 It does! It's a free game so don't bother me, maybe! RG's is working on it I don't know? :-)

  • After months and months, still getting black screen on Bonus spinner. Really bad.

  • That's right folks, duelcash will eventually replace most of the sites that treat their users badly, such as RG!

  • yesterday I asked support about their games and they told me that they will soon release new games, and also new features, it is progressing very fast and I enjoy your site very much

  • duelcash is a very good option because it has many active users and the versus are finished quickly and their support is very friendly and responds very fast.

  • erectus22000 you are right I've been registered for a couple of days and I really liked its design quite different from what we are used to, and good games with very good graphics

  • Currently in they updated their games and added new options, the site has a lot of future, I recommend you to try it before judging :)

  • You will understand soon raglen! LOL Also... ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • lol ewo

  • Happy Birthday, Sile. Hope you enjoyed the day with your son...:))) xxx

  • @ G23 "GIFTS" You would be very surprised what some players on this site are capable of! Very clever I say!!! & a pleasure to be friends with some of them... It is possible ok! "E" ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • Cashduel is a bad gaming site, with bad intentions. . I prefer to go to En de groeten hè.

  • It is impressive how the site is progressing, the games work very well and have very good prizes.

  • I would rather stay on the ground,don't like flying and that's me!

  • LOL G23 :)))

  • Hope you have a good supply of bobble hats and gloves!!