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  • or freerolls :)

  • It's a lil bit different compared to moaning about a black screen

  • Ohhhh stop the complaining ;)

  • I really don't understand how the guy hasn't had his account removed! when it's so clear he's a cheating prick! sorry but sick of the sight of this idiot winning with his sh'' software.

  • @susan462 what do you expect he has his lil helpers that let him know the current top scores in tourneys so he can massively outdo us all.

  • Iceman at the top of tonight's freeroll..again.

  • Lately it does seem a lil harder to win :(

  • OMA'S birthday list 19 Jun : --------- lBLAH618 --- KATENSTEVE ------- SML15------ Thanks x x

  • I have had a lot of patience but since it is still not possible to deposit money, I will leave the site soon. I'm angry.

  • Try the freeroll again in about 15 minutes..that gives it time to usually works for me. gl

  • What a joke!! Try to play the free roll games, but being told alreay at my limit!?! Not played 1

  • as I have Stated many times.... this site is going Belly Up, and will be Taking all Your "Donations" with them, it has already been deposited in Offshore Accounts... Spend the Fake $$ you have here while you can

  • I don't know about that Andy, although I might consider it illegal if someone took all the pork egg rolls I'm making for dinner this evening. My stomach might file a complaint. ;))

  • surely its illegal to take and hold on to someones money against their will ??

  • And one more issue, when you deposit money which is how they get paid we should not worry about it being taken from you. They get a big chunk of change from us & you would expect the game site to run like it's suppose to without getting excuses why a game didn't load. Then sit on their THUMBS! PFFFT

  • They have over 600$ of my money that i cant withdraw :(

  • @grantite23~ I beg to differ, it's not called moaning. When a game site lacks employees that are suppose to keep the site running smoothly. It's frustrating to keep getting this 'SMOTHING WENT WRONG" message over 7 over & then they say it's not their fault or "THEIR PROBLEM" Ya I can bitch if I want

  • @wireguy3 the entire deposit process has stopped for now.

  • G23 they have over £70 of my money i cant withdraw and that is a weeks income for me. You try not eating for a week because some rich tossers have stolen your money and then talk about its ok.

  • curious here, has the deposit bonus thing stopped now? This site is not worth full price , as it were.