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  • I definitely know what you mean eliane lmfao

  • Kez, I could say a lot worse? L/Bin you know wat I mean!!! LMAO "E" :-) xx

  • Well l don’t blame you Eliane he is definitely going in the dust bin very rude what he sald got no respect for everyone on here

  • Hi Kez, it shows I'm friends with raglen68 I deleted the user a while now? I seen the other side! I think you know what mean!!! I don't like players with comments like that... Also I had a few! That's why I put it in the dust bin! LOL... "E" :-) xx

  • "The website is maintained by a small team within King - a fraction of a fraction of the company's overall earnings and scope." from the Eurogamer article.

  • candy-crush-maker-under-fire-from-paying-customers-unable-to-cash-out from the Eurogamer site.

  • Lol

  • lol.. you need to loosen your face diaper.. your mask is cutting off your oxygen

  • I hope you are not saying that about me raglen68 that is a bit rude to say

  • ain't you just the lil snitch.. get a life

  • Just block the player and reported it to support suz.happycook

  • Its' the 1st day of Summer and its cold out here..feels good though after the heat of a week ago. We even got a few days of rain, was great!

  • Got a Text message SENDER: SNUFI SENT: 19/06/21 01:08 Block User Message: I've been following you, you're a great player, I recommend the site have good prizes and pay very fast

  • jakeee we have all see that link a while back and it does post here all you have to do is press the space bar once before you paste the link, its an anomaly that happens sometimes with links. slainte Sile

  • 8. jun. 2021 — The freeze on withdrawals was a consequence of King being investigated by PayPal over how Royal Games operates in specific countries.

  • I know you can play Farm King but what about being able to send in challenges?

  • Please make Lucky Lantern available to all to play. Also what about Farm King?

  • I have come across an article saying royal games is under investigation for holding on to our funds. I've tried to paste the link but access was denied by royal games Search for paypal royal games and the site is EUROGAMER

  • Perhaps, the couple of withdrawals that actually went through, recently, were tests being conducted, and the recipients were simply lucky enough to have been randomly selected. We can only hope that SOMETHING is being done to rectify the problem . . . and that we will all EVENTUALLY get OUR money.

  • It would be nice to see more paying "free rolls" until we can make deposits again. I'm looking for a new site. I like this site but getting bored as unable to compete with $$$$