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  • Singleton - Lots of visitors on an inactive account might mean a spammer or someone who visited a bunch of profiles. My grandson (4 yo) loved to go from link to link checking out the castles - I always got a bunch of visitors after he did his sight-seeing adventures.

  • @milwscruffy, that seems to be correct. VIP start date: 3rd March 2021, VIP re-qualification date: 2nd June 2022. One year as normal for Diamond + 3 months extra. Note that the date format differs between UK English and US English, which you can choose below :)

  • clearly not but worth asking.

  • started free spin game, it went straight off with zero score without even touching it HUH.

  • VIP start date: 03/03/21 VIP re-qualification date: 02/06/22

  • Terror1001, my number has not changed. Same date, that's why I'm asking if anybody has seen the 3 month change.

  • @millwscruffy, go to your account and you should see your qualification date was moved up three months. This is what I see:

  • I have just visited the profile of a "member". 28 visitors, no games played and 117 jewels. Perhaps somebody could explain how this is possible?

  • So has anyone had this : VIP re-qualification date moved 3 months as promised over a month ago ? I've seen nothing, asked support, only to have a form letter saying sorry we can't give you a refund. I'm convinced support tickets are never read by a human.

  • at least you got play still black screens most games

  • had 275.800 pts in Diamond digger and something went wrong, 0 point at the end. really crappy site

  • lycka till med freerolls nu