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  • @CV if they're new silvers.. how can they do this? i've got 31 in my inbox right now and deleted about 20 earlier.. so 50 or so..

  • Be easier raglen if you and your mates just stopped sending them. FOAD.

  • the fact they're all supposedly born in 1799 stinks of a bot exploiting a vulnerability, 1799 isn't even a choice for us mere mortals.

  • @Elaine, if this site was a bit more advanced, we could set up a rule in our mailbox to block any message that contains the words "DC" or "Jessica". She gets about a bit, was in 5 different countries this morning. ;) Support should be looking for a vulnerability too, not just the sheer number but


  • This helped a lot in getting the trolling under control, but now means new players can't get help, make friends or even change languages until they've progressed, which is very hard for some just starting out, or who don't speak a certain language.

  • @kbomary and silky, sometimes the "cure" is worse than the problem. At one time, on TheSettlersOnline, we were plagued by trolls creating new accounts faster than we were banning them. So Bluebyte/Ubi altered the game so new players could not use chat until they reached a certain level in the game.

  • C_V I only had one female player blocked! Now my block list is like the! M6 in UK...Smiles to you! OMG HELP US! "E" :-)))

  • Thanks C_V For posting & many others that send personal messages! I understand why many won't post! I also better watch my back here & shut up! LOL. Take care my friends! I might get another 2000 & my gifts & guestbook wiped again! Or well so be it! I can handle it! Used to it. "E" :-) x

  • @rabbitbrowne, you can still block them, sent you a PM explaining how.

  • Congrats to Belgium, just hope 4 days is long enough to heal all the injuries inflicted by Rapisto and his cheating chums.

  • have done something about these sleeper accounts years ago when people like UncleG identified them, instead they chose to shoot the messengers. Even when the Trumpettes used a dead person's account and we sent support proof that they'd died, guess who got punished? :(

  • 61 from DC muppets, plus 1 sick individual sending unsolicited Pet Terminator challenge. :( Clearly a cut n paste job, seeing as each FR had 1 of 3 identical "greetings". None too bright either, seeing german messages from English flags, and vice versa, just proves it's robotic morons. King should

  • Diz, I will send you a personal message from other! In the meantime you know the score & be on guard 24/7 I will send soon ok! & take care! "E" :-) x

  • I don't think some understand! What can happen??? well that goes back 8/9yrs ago now! So what are they doing now??? good luck...

  • But thankfully she taught me how to delete them! But trust me I learned the hard way! But that's not my point? some of my friends sadly passed away over pastime! And not with us now. And bang then their gifts & guestbook entry's went also! So I know how to deal with hackers! Just two accounts all.

  • I hope so to @ terror.

  • This might be interesting to you maybe not? I've been here just over 11 yrs now! After 2 yrs I got hacked? lucky I had my Daughter home with me at the time? I logged in one day & got 2000 blank mails? just dot's & could not get rid of them! Also my gifts & guestbook from friends were wiped!

  • susan462, snap! We were posting at the same time, lol!

  • @Jb, hopefully RG can stope these now that they aware of the problem.