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  • So true sometimes @kpjp02. It helps to remember the fun, silly and happy times we've had on here as well.

  • Such a shame; don't we all have enough of our own life drama/issues? Come to simply play games and end up in a sticky web that we didn't even crawl towards :-(

  • If ineffectuality was an Olympic event, RG management would have a very good chance of winning gold.

  • Hahahaha!! 56 friend requests; been off for 30 hours!! Oh my... feeling so special all of a sudden!! Support notified, messages unopened... so I certainly hope I didn't miss a "real" one!

  • You know the messages and friend requests are spam when they end with "The customer is always right, my name is Glen" all 28+ of them. Hopefuly they sort this rubbish out soon.

  • Ok! I read like a book... Byeeeeeeeeee

  • Your welcome Susan

  • So I sent them a nice email to say! Thank you!!! All my settings are shut here to try & help the site rid of these hackers/spammers! Just had another email off them! But I'm off here sorry! Hope to see you all soon... "E" :-) x

  • Hi everyone! I got to give credit to this site? in less than 12 hrs when I got back home from hospital! I had a email from them, I will not repeat word for word ok! Yes they're fully aware what is going on! And their Techs are on the case now! They also said? we're not! Affiliated with D..l C..h

  • Thanks for sharing that Kez. Stitcheroo on tonight's nice not not not to see iceman's name at the top spot on it.

  • Got a message from support Thank you for contacting Our studio is aware of the issue. Please ignore these friend requests. We're not in any way affiliated with duelcash.

  • OMA’S Birthday list 29 June: --- DK.PIAW --- EDMONDANTES --- FRANCESJPRICE --- LELA4600 --- LOU1986 --- M_WE --- MOTOGIRL81K----- Thanks xx

  • @qaz....It's Jb lol and yes shhhhh

  • By Itchy :)

  • @IB. what ? Not you? Say it ain't so!!! (Shhh... I think he's blowing off ~ steam ~ )

  • Hey, for once you're popular! It isn't all that bad... No fuss, no bother is the worst of it. Seeing a ton of mail in the box is kind of novel!

  • I just deleted 42 messages from these "fair-weather" friends (or is it fiends?)

  • Messages are Spammed...:))..close Messages when logging settings...!!

  • Give it up with the WORD!!!

  • I just turned off messaging also. It is getting ridiculous with these spammers.