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  • HEAR, HEAR, !! mIlscruffy

  • They make an acct.just enough to send messages to bother all.

  • I've had 13 friend requests (or should I say FIEND requests?). I've never been so popular! Hahaha.

  • After 14 years and blocking over 30 members, I have now turned off getting messages from other players. Gotta do what you gotta do. I was up to 10 new friend requests and it got old, fast. If and when RG straightened this out, I'll receive messages again. Sad what this site has become.

  • They seem to be ignoring me now, blissful peace!

  • I guess support must be very busy today. Every time I go to report the 9 requests I got I get lost in the Kingdom messages. What a waste of time. Just spent 45 minutes on this. Let it sort itself out.

  • Did you notice their age, they are all 222!

  • I now have 17 blocked "friends". It would help if they wrote to me in English

  • If your messages are off please don't send to me as I can't reply back to you.

  • We don't want RG to investigate this. They did that on World Winner, now there is no way we can play against our friends and communicate with them. They shut down all messages.

  • LOL just received nine friend requests from new members in my messages! They all recommend DuelCash..hahaha! Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!

  • New story told in friend request, Royal Games is partnering with *****cash. Spamming is prohibited in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, a company will be fined 100,000 euros, so that will cost them money. LOL.

  • Click on Handle request from message,then you will find a block button and click that.Then delete message.

  • I never get friend requests but have got 10 in past hour WTF is RG doing???? I hate that Stop sending me friend requests and going to other site

  • I have had 5 friend requests so far

  • Fine for those who need to close up messages,at least you can let your friends know here. I will not close up mine due to rejects with nothing better to do than try and send me else where.Won't let it happen.

  • Same here, 7 new friend requests in the last 4 hours. Oops make that 8 just got another while typing.

  • i have had 6 friend requests in the last four hours, from the same person, different flags I previously had one request in six years, shut down messages, sorry to my friends xxx

  • Got 5 friend request all different country and it’s strange how they don’t visit you

  • None of them have visited me . It appears to be their intention to disrupt play and send us else where . Well I am going nowhere !!