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  • @susan462, it seems bad spawn are still around. I always wondered how they could remember all the fake accounts they've opened in the past. The family were using them to post on the blog but were deleted one by one. Now they're trying it the other way.

  • thought it was only me (silly) got 20 friend requests (yesterday & today total) last time I got a friend request was a year ago. such a pain to clear out!

  • Sorry I keep on! Now I've lost count!!! This was the last one & their not going to give up. kush3s1 Hi, I'm from, I invite you to play on our site, we value our users and we have 2 daily freerolls! The customer is always right, my name is Jessica :)

  • And I was thinking I was special... But I guess when they don't check your country before they said a message in the wrong language..

  • I've never been so popular 20 friend requests now .... starting to get annoying but if anything it's put me right off joining that other site cos if they need players sooo badly it cant be up to much

  • Yes! I still got them coming in. They must be feeding off our usernames on the blog. Not one of them have been to visit me & no way I will visit them that's a trap. Anyway off to play the freerolls, good luck it's going to be relentless trying to! Block & Delete them that's for sure...

  • @ the fool Kunt u mij vertellen wat er nou precies aan de hand is met uw site? Want ik zie dit emperium instorten, sinds adobe flashplayer niet meer ondersteund werd... Wat kan ik voor u doen zodat het weer beter gaat of dat het goed komt met ""?? als iemand iets weet "reply in i

  • anyone else getting so many friends requests today ???? New friend request received ROYALGAMES.COM 27/06/21 19:02 New friend request received ROYALGAMES.COM 27/06/21 19:01 New friend request received ROYALGAMES.COM 27/06/21 17:51 New friend request received ROYALGAMES.COM 27/06/21 17:21 Ne

  • @qaz111111 It does seem like that is their primary close the blog and site permanently..wouldn't be surprised to find out they're a small group that has been trying to do that for years.

  • Adding together a few pieces... This seems like a campaign to irritate RG players and cast doubt on the site.

  • There are a lot of players all over the World waiting for a refund! Many have a large pay out due to them & been waiting months! Thankfully I got mine out last year.

  • Call them what you like! If they get into the! Site/System it won't be that easy! I've seen it before elsewhere. RG's please advise! "ASAP" Like I posted earlier.

  • Since people are not being allowed to deposit money, anyway, what is the point of even letting people become new members? Why not just turn that off, too, until RG can get a handle on ALL these problems?

  • Well I'm gutted as I only got 14 friend requests! I mean WTF is going on can't King sort this out? The whole site is going down the pan!

  • Yup G23, I just block, delete and ignore...and I don't find them cleaver, just malicious.

  • 33 requests today from brand new accounts have raised a ticket but wont hold my breath

  • Surely the advice is just to ignore them. Job done. Not difficult really!!

  • I did a random check on five of the eighteen so called friend requests. Each one joined Royal today, June 27, 2021. What a coincidence, huh? I decided to block them all.

  • I get 14 only to day and all are new player have played only 1 day and member on 1 day and invite to other play game! So please royal can the been fix span :( Is bad.

  • Fair comment! About us being in control of your account page. But these Hackers/Spammers what ever you want to call them are very clever! What if Royal Games get done? how do we stand then??? It is possible!!! We've not heard from the Clown Prince for ages... They need to advise us! ASAP.