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  • Friday F/R Where are they ????

  • Hoop dat jullie spelers een fijn weekend hebben met iets beter weer.

  • Where are today's Friday freerolls?!

  • King and Royal are, in a way, same. Royal use to be bingo, King games then Royal 'split'. Tbh the graphics on the King games (same as RG) are babyish. Look at past FR days and you can see when the Tues and Fri FR have been posted

  • Where's Friday freerolls

  • They started at 10a.m Tuesday and to be honest it is the only reason alongside sent challenges that are a regular daily send that I come on here, nothing else to come on for only 16p in my kitty can't deposit and if you could 3 player games and lack of players is terrible.

  • i withdrawed some money month ago still have got it

  • @lugs2~ When did you get that info about Freerolls starting @ 2pm. I am not being sarcastic when I ask. It's so I don't make a comment & look like a Bufa lol! But I guess I will have to wait & see. Thanks DiZ

  • Friday Freerolls have always started @ 3am Friday morning. for the past 9 yrs that I have been playing them. Haven't seen anything about 2pm. Also it's hard to give RG a break when they can't keep a game site running smoothly. King rarely had any issues.

  • thank you

  • Tuesday and Friday free rolls don't start until 2pm now.

  • RG have got their hands full at the moment trying to kick the spammers off of the system. Give them a break.

  • Ok now NO FRIDAYS FREEROLLS? Well par for the course another disappointment! Come on RG I am sure you have all the time in the world to post them beings as your not getting HTML games done. So pitiful! Wish I had a positive comment.

  • Probably the same games as last Friday.

  • no friday freerolls

  • friendly reminder HEY CLOWNS you forgot the friday freeroll again...

  • I have played here for so long and i loved the site . But no update for months about withdrawl. That is just so lame. Im not doing any promotion for the site DC but i have deposit using paypal and guess what? I have made 3 withdrawls and received all 3 within 3 working days. So what is the issue RG?

  • Ok Susan, I can't post here? too many eyeballs! LOL. :-))) I will send you a personal message in a few minutes ok! If you have to go I understand you can read later! I also need to vacate here. Ha! Ha! ✨ "E" ✨ xx

  • @ewo59 - I saw your comment and tried to send Farm King and got this - Farm King HTML5: Challenges are currently not available for this game.

  • The other thing is? the player that post's on it's profile about me 24/7 & puts me down everything I do or post here! Why don't you use your gold to post here. So everyone will understand what your saying about me! It will make it a lot easier for players to understand what you mean...