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  • Very strange email confirmation... it insisted on a different email account than I had registered from. And would not let me change back to the original one.

  • Having to confirm your e-mail address every time you sign in is an excellent idea if it stops the scammers. I don't see it as a chore. I'm in!

  • Does anybody know how to erase or clear mail messages? I am being hit with 57 scam messages.

  • Hi Betty! I'm actually on the east coast, but it keeps changing my location haha! And yeah, we're all getting hit w/heat right now. Thank goodness for a/c! But I'll take NE weather over anywhere else in the US, for sure!

  • Go into your settings and turn off messages.Save down below when your done on the same page. Jb

  • RoyalGames I live in the Netherlands :-)

  • Is there any way of blocking all these spam emails about the games site. I had 49 of them today and no i am not joining that site ...

  • Seriously

  • Ok.

  • I didn't get anything to confirm.

  • We will see. Mail you can right click on properties and see where mail comes from.

  • Wonder why not from Royal Games instead?Just as emails are from them.

  • ''Or is it a trick to turn our email back on? ''I didn't click on the second mail. But couldn't log in without confirming the mail, so?

  • I didn't have to confirm mine when logging in.They know mine when I needed there help.

  • bee, Received: from (

  • Or is a ploy to switch our email back on!

  • Are you sure the email was from RG, I cannot understand why they wish for you to confirm your email address. They have it already.

  • This site is doomed....... they are keeping it open to draw down their financial exposure. Every cash game you play they make a percentage off the top.....capping deposits means sooner or later the make all the money left on the table.... free rolls are now issued with virtual money

  • is anyone getting loads of friend requested asking you to join a certain games site? i'm so sick of it!

  • @JustASmyle I'm in New England too. I visited your page, I have a very good friend in Blackstone, MA. I'm originally from RI, but been in Maine almost 15 yrs. ….and it's freakin' hot in rural Maine too! Stay well and safe! :^D