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  • free spin games never load

  • OMA'S birthday list 30 June: --- BECKINDALE --- DOTLAN ---GRANDMAJUNE --- LAHDAL --- LINEST---------------- Thanks xx

  • Good for you ronny.rhino :))

  • THIS follows my previous message. I sent it before I'd finished. withdrawal request and when will I get it. no response yet

  • I asked what's going on with the friend request inundation and apparently RG are trying to block the accounts, they added that they have nothing to do with gameduel. I also asked why I was greeted as a new member after confirming my email address and would they confirm they have not honoured my w

  • Wow all games work Wow

  • Bocked over 50 in last few day. sick of these people.

  • Okay E l think l know which one you mean

  • Sorry I can't! Now you need to work it out for yourself...

  • E what accounts have l been visiting you tell me maybe one or 2

  • @Robinhoodo528 go into the email. at the bottom is a big orange button that says "erase". That erases the email, but it doesn't block the spammer/scammer account. To block accounts, go to the friend list and block each account individually. I did it yesterday with 50 accts.

  • 50 friend requests. Me so popular

  • @"K" Are you serious? purple nooooooo! I seen you've been to visit all the accounts!!! You never listen to any of us! Good luck...

  • @JustASmyle That's funny! I'm not in Bangor either, they don't have this town listed, only 432 people here. (a speck on the map and I'm glad)!! Still hot though!

  • Everyone was getting Spam messages so we all turned them off.The site knows about it from many players.Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • WTF is with all of the friend requests and spam links to other sites? I've had over 70 the past few days. Admin needs to get a handle on this and delete most of the new accounts made over the past week or two.

  • Hello everyone , I know I haven't been on much , as you know Cindymamabear has passed away back in December , I have a favor for everyone , please go read my newest blog for the info .

  • @PlanetWaves I agree with you 100%! That will stop the fake accounts here & also hackers & spammers. Take care ok.

  • @mortdred1 That is very strange! Did you open the email? I'm sure RG's would not do that! I never open any strange emails? they could be deadly links! Contact RG's from the email you've always used! Good luck ok & take care...

  • @rockbender Turn your messages off & save at the end? you can contact your friends via challenges! Even if you don't play them? I had over 60+ two days ago! It worked for me. To date I've not had anymore! I know it's a pain to do that, but just do that until the site blocks the spammers. "E" :-)