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  • I cleared all mine out.Meaning I don't have any of the new friend invites dated in my blocked lists.June ones of this year are gone.

  • jag fick många vänförfrågningar härom dagen. så jag skrev till roual games ( support) efter det fick jag inga mera. så jag var in och tacka nej inne på vännero fiende där ligger dom också. raderar dom först i meddelandet.

  • thx (hugs).

  • Nice to see you back on here valdood! G23 x

  • Thx Fran, I'm not on top of the world but I'm ok ;) . Eveline I'm not winning either and have exactly 1 cent ( penny?) in my account ;0. Free games it is for now.

  • @ valdood , RG appear to be checking upon a lot of players. They have not asked me to verify my email but that could be because I have recently put in support tickets . I hope that you are well. /Fran xx

  • How can people still play while no one can deposit money. I certainly can't. On top of that I never win in the freerolls. So who is winning all the time I wonder? Bogus players maybe?

  • this email confirmation when logging in is that in order to fight off those crazy spammers??

  • when are you going to get this shit-site working! I'm tired of loosing money just because the games not working (or get black) - PAYBACK!

  • Why when playing money games, sometimes I check to see how i am doing and see another player playing the game match and ten minutes later that same player is still playing the game..Is there cheating going on RG?

  • @JB, Royal = King = Midas. All still the same spider's web of companies as has been shown many times.

  • As a side note, King can no longer deny the vulnerability to, and the use of bots on this site. Once they've sorted out this mess, perhaps they can go back and refund us for all the impossible scores that won freerolls and bogus spinner entries.

  • @FJS, we probably got most of their sleeper gold and silver accounts nuked (apart from raglen), so they moved on to this latest wheeze with the multiple silvers spamming friend requests. Think I can guess their next target, obviously not sharing it as they're so dumb they may not have thought of it.

  • blocking these muppets.

  • @amron, probably King's attempt at slowing up the spammers, make sure we're logging in from a legitimate email address. Unfortunately, I almost missed the freeroll because the verification email didn't arrive and had to keep asking for resends. Hope this is just interim & they're getting on with IP

  • Is anyone else getting tons of friend requests? This is very unusual. Could this be another glitch?

  • I have 50 some friend req. all duel crap

  • Definitely I am in the dog house lol

  • At least, the spammers seem to have stopped posting on this blog.

  • Tuesday's daily freeroll did not load, just got stuck!