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  • @Crystal_voyage about a month ago RG server was down. There was no screen to say update in progress. I wonder!

  • @Debbiep54, I actually play on that site too every now and then. There are not many games, but you can play for free and still get some money. I am still hoping this site will get back on track. But as I can only play the Freerolls here and never win, what choice do I have?

  • I have been asked to verify my email address all of a sudden when I have been on here for years. What is happening about withdrawals??!?!

  • why am I receiving emails saying I've won a cup round all from earlier this year - 25 last night!! FFS get this site sorted!!

  • What happened to 2 player Diamond Digger? I was not paying attention until after I lost that I paid for a 3 player game. I do not even see an option for 2 player game now. Any other games now like this? No 2 player, only 3 or more players for cash?

  • So who around here recommends for another game site? It looks like there are at least 49 people that like it

  • Hey guys. I haven't been on since the site switch to HTML. Are there any plans to add new games? Looks like there are only about 20 available.

  • I got another 70+ emails from RG after 5 pm today and they are old legit challenges. I put them in a separate folder. Let's see how many that will be plus the previous 20.

  • @Robyn did you try logging off and then back on Maybe they'll reappear?? maybe

  • Welcome back @Rina/Valdood. it's been a little chaotic here the last few days.. hope to see you in some challies.. & @CV mine is still gone. pfffth!! lol

  • Welcome back Rina, hope you're well. xx

  • @rr, mine still seems to be there, was looking to see where I finished in freerolls earlier.

  • err Elaine, hope you're not dissing my silver account, or have I attracted yet another copycat?

  • She's played them C_V Anyway hope all is well? see you on the challs/ & take care ok! "E" :-)))

  • Where did the list go with all the Open games and Closed games? Mine has disappeared.. is it because of the Site update?

  • @MrsGem, something funny going on with emails, mine seemed to stop around a month ago and just restarted. Wondered if it was due to the spammers but started before they did.

  • I forgot sorry! C_V So much going on here lately! LOL... Very strange Susan & I don't me our dear friend!!! MrsGemstar I see you played that user & think the other was called goat something? think you know what I mean???

  • @Elaine, was it Bill Cosby? Might explain why they've not posted here for a long time. ;) Sick decision though, hang your heads in shame judges.

  • @susan, unless they work at King ;)

  • Elaine, I finally found out where that music clip from the House of Games trailer came from. :) Really obscure "garage" track so no idea where I heard it before but looking at their other stuff, the punk influence is clear. "Indie Rock Grrrl" by Blue Saraceno.