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  • playing free rolls is part of the game. I have payed years and years for games and I also played free rolls. It was fun. It is not easy to skip it. Is this the beginning of the end?

  • Don't bother about contacting support about the missing freerolls. I already did that and I am sure other did that too. No reply! So, tell me what is the use of contacting support?

  • What happen to the Tuesday freerolls?

  • I agree with msthing57nc. I think it's best to contact Support. I have, and I also asked for a personal reply, as others have suggested. I doubt if they bother to read the blog, although they should.

  • It is interesting how everyone complains about no freerolls in these comments. Try contacting support and let them know. I did last time, and they put the freerolls out there shortly afterward. May have been a coincidence, but surely it would be much more effective than complaining here.

  • Mrpupsy, I've been saying that for ages but no-one seems to be doing anything other than complain. The only way this will be resolved is by taking affirmative action, till then R.G. are just going to keep pissing peolpe off until they leave then R.G will shut down without paying anyone.

  • The problem with free games psychologically it keeps your interest in playing on this site and they have done a good job. Then the entrapment of free games become an addiction and when they are not there you all have withdrawal symptoms.

  • has anyone complained to the financial ombudsman regarding delayed payments they will get answeres and shake this lot up doesnt matter if they are based outside UK they operate here

  • @ larry. If they do go, that will be it for me because that's all I play now

  • The next things to go will be the daily spin and the daily freeroll..... sad but true

  • All these circles of discontent. This fire is being fed and is creating a lot of unnecessary heat. A stick is continuing agitating the situation, so the dissatisfaction keeps rolling on.

  • Well, this is me done for today. Of course I didn't 'win' in the Freeroll. In other words: nothing to do here and off I go....

  • just the 6 weeks you have been waiting on your money. I have been waiting for my money since January all you get is the usual blurb somehow making you feel it is your fault asking for what is legally yours

  • I have been waiting for my money 6 weeks now - and they say its an error due to Paypal - bullshit in my opinion cus I get money from many other places thru Paypal. I also liked this site - but as someone said - not so much to do anymore...

  • Eveline : Yeah i loved this site , not so much anymore as they are not sending me my money.If they would let me get my money and all the rest to get their money and make deposits this site is still N1. But as it is working today with 0 updates to a problem that most likely does not exist is bullshit

  • He is a Clown Prince not a fool. And the company does not belong to him, so hold your horses. :D

  • @Joachim.I, I had 2 withdrawals from DC. No problem either. Takes around 2-3 days and it is back in my PayPal account. Still I do miss this site. If I only could deposit money here, I would be back in a flash. However, I haven't seen any change and yes I also get a personal reply from RG. Just ask.

  • Are you and your colleagues self isolating Fool? At least have the decency to reply to all he members questions. Vey unprofessional, and the name FOOL really suits you!


  • It would help though if they let us know what is going on, no freerolls on Tuesday, no problem but just let people know!!