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August Freerolls!


Here are the games for August.

Tuesday  3th of August
Friday 6th of August
Tuesday 10th of August
Friday 13th of August
Tuesday 17th of August
Friday 20th of August
Tuesday 24th of August
Friday 27th of August
Tuesday 31st of August


/The Clown Prince



  • @pcmbob you messaged me but your messages are off.I use Safari on iPad.Will not overload with differ browsers to play,just me!

  • Justbreathe45.. Understood, thanks.

  • Firefox does not pass on websites or maps to the Netherlands, so that browser is debatable and worrisome. But RG has problems of their own that they can't solve.

  • I can play all games. But also had a black screen with the free spinner last Sunday. After that normal again, I have Chrome and 5 other browsers (read a lot of newspapers and listen to music so find more browsers easier :-) Edge is not the most friendly browser.

  • Welp, looks like I can no longer play Gin, regardless of browser. Black screen or "something went wrong". Joy joy.

  • Couldn't play Pepper panic or the Monster Fever tournament for Tuesday, Aug 31. Bad form people, this has been reported numerous times and games still not working!

  • Someone added my name for your info to a 200 and a 193.I DECLINED BOTH

  • Justbreathe45...In the list of 246 challenged players, you are not even in. So you're on the wrong chat website, or paranoia.

  • @ Robin ahem lol See me behave right girl :)) x

  • @ JB..I got it.. stirring the Spammers while sleeping would only waken them....tis' over the top for some...but if you want you can ck. on line..for a good buy on stirrer's.... am stocking my mixed drink items... lol..

  • Justbreathe45... You post here on an open chat, it is better to speak to the person himself than in general, with name and surname so that people know who you are talking to. No need to put a narcissistic tone here. You think you can control everything, but unfortunately not with me.

  • I searched where the players are from and didn't need any comment suggesting the person who sent to me was Spam.Lets please keep comments from what I post to lips closed.

  • I have glitches with black screens on iPad with some of the games also. When I play on pc they appear ok except Bubble Witch. It's not the browsers cause l have tried a few.So there is a GLITCH that needs to be fixed.

  • I see the same complaints here i sent to support weeks back. games that i have been able to play i can not play now, i am down to like 3 or 4 games of the remaining games and everyone in this news feed is just saying the same thing basically.All this time and the site is still not fixed? sad really

  • Monster Fever HTML5 not loading again - but what's new, getting sick of all these games that don't work!

  • I frequently get a Black Screen on Bubble Witch and today , for the first time ever , I got a Black Screen on Pepper Panic !!

  • Pepper panic and Papa pear both finished but would not go to back to this screen, just sat and trying to go back in shows already played.

  • More blacks creening on the free rolls. Joy.

  • Superirriterande! Nu är det andra dagen som Pepper Panic inte startar när jag väljer den som dagens freeroll :(

  • I get challenges sometimes with 245 players. Most not known players to me. It looks like duelcash spam on another way. I can't send jewelry games myself because I'm VIP.