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September Freerolls!

3rd September

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5

7th September

Pet Rescue HTML5 

Pepper Panic HTML5 

Papa Pear HTML5 

Monster Fever HTML5  


10th September

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Klondike Solitaire HTML5 

Klicker Fusion HTML5


14th September

Kalorie King HTML5 

I Love Treasure HTML5 

Hoop de Loop HTML5 

Beached Buddies HTML5

17th September

Golf Solitaire HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Farm King HTML5 

Diamond Digger HTML5 


21st September

Cat Corner HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5

24th September
Pet Rescue HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Kalorie King HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5


28th September

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5 

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5


Good Luck

/The Clown Prince



  • @grgdesign try playing a freeroll right after you've cleared your browser cache..that works for me. Don't play any other games first just go right into your freeroll. Hope that helps you.

  • Free Spinner is useless - games will not load up screen stays black! All week i could not play one free daily game! Crazy!

  • I can't play the daily free-roll as it freezes up 99% of the time. The good news is because this site is so screwed up I'm unable to add money to my account so I play for free until I win something. As Biden says; "C'mon man!!"

  • Not the freeroll, the bonus spinner is the one that only pays 15 now.

  • I haven't been paying much attention. When did the daily freerolls go from 25 winners to 15??? Good grief! Why bother paying anyone at all?? I am somewhat annoyed!! That's what being loyal for so many years gets you I guess.

  • Can I suggest donating it to an animal charity? If people are going to play that sick game, at least some good could come out of it.

  • yay refunded from cup games yrs ago, and to top that off I won the $11 spinner in pet rescue woohoo .just going to waste it though for some fun.

  • burger king played but with all the bad "quirks" of the past, items refused to move and the sound cut out very early into the game. :(

  • @pfp3dogs, check your "withdraw" screen, bet they refunded you in NWF :(

  • @susieq, don't think you need worry, 120 points won't win a Gin Rummy game, scores over 14k might.

  • @MondoTeeno, that sounds like good news, maybe now I'll get something back for my outstanding Chuzzle cup match, been "waiting for an opponent" ever since the game was removed about 8 years ago!

  • Thank you Jean, very much appreciated. :)

  • OMA’S birthday list 25 September: --- KELL.2409 --- MCD023 ---MICKESVERKER --- NEWKGIRL --- SPYDERGEIER ---WIGGLETAIL --- Thanks xxx

  • That's good news for some players for getting a refund & so on! And to the player that said don't believe the hype! Get your facts right about software & how it works? it's not our computers...

  • Wow, got refunded for many cup games I had pending since 2018. Nice to find $100 in the pot. Now if only I can get that to my bank account, haha!

  • You just won a new award. You are a fantastic player Congratulations! Award: Kalorie King HTML5 BRONZE award Jewelry: 500 Oh grote griezels nog es an toe dan.Oh big creeps, the grand prize.

  • Just scored 120 points on Freeroll Gin Rummy but 'something went wrong, contact customer service' message flashed up at the end of the game so no chance of winning! Waste of time even trying to contact anyone

  • @bdusk you can! Ask them to do a bank transfer to you. Firmly request it (They will ask you to send ID etc) and call you to verify your withdrawal amount. I have now received my second withdrawal this way. Best wishes

  • P.S i can't even play half of the games here no more because my system is not up to date. I mean what is the sense in playing if the result is always the same.... a loss!

  • Don't believe the hype.. if a game goes on longer than usual the result is "the game did not finish properly" and you get nothing.Most people that have slower games it is because of the system the are using.. not a type of cheat lol that is just funny. another story written by the kings men! js