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September Freerolls!

3rd September

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5

7th September

Pet Rescue HTML5 

Pepper Panic HTML5 

Papa Pear HTML5 

Monster Fever HTML5  


10th September

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Klondike Solitaire HTML5 

Klicker Fusion HTML5


14th September

Kalorie King HTML5 

I Love Treasure HTML5 

Hoop de Loop HTML5 

Beached Buddies HTML5

17th September

Golf Solitaire HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Farm King HTML5 

Diamond Digger HTML5 


21st September

Cat Corner HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5

24th September
Pet Rescue HTML5 

LuckyLantern HTML5 

Kalorie King HTML5 

Gin Rummy HTML5


28th September

Gin Rummy HTML5 

Bubble Saga HTML5 

Candy Crush HTML5 

Bubble Witch HTML5


Good Luck

/The Clown Prince



  • Glad your new fridge came @JB.

  • WOW you both are so right!!!! The pizza also looks yummier ;)

  • Fridge came this afternoon,saved much of cold drinks and my creamer with coffee.I had to order out and will shop on Thursday.I made chicken in crock pot Sat. and that was saved in cooler as well.Been a long day putting things back so other fridge could make it through the door.

  • This was the original Susan no comparison.

  • Kalorie King looks the same to me Sn1per..although it could be different since I hardly notice that game and seldom play it. It all looks like a big Whopper commercial to me.

  • JB, that happened to me; had to buy fridge + food. Just be really careful you don't eat anything that might cause food poisoning. Better to throw it out than get really sick. It's so nice and unusual you've lived there a long time! All the best 2 U, Sol xxx

  • I think high on the list of priorities was aiming to win an "Ugliest Graphics In A Game" award with the "new and improved" Kalorie King.

  • Editing Avatars went with Flash, and wasn't on their list of priorities to make an HTML alternative, mind you I have no idea what was on the list of priorities, maybe one day we will all be enlightened. Stay safe et al slainte Sile.

  • kingfisher10 l just go on my account and click adit avatar but it’s keeps going around the white spin

  • Hi, please could someone help me. I am tryimg to edit my Avatar but it wont let me. I can edit my castle etc. Please help me. Many thanks Ros

  • @Susan,Iam now in my 3rd apt.I came here with my family and then had 2 kids of my own.I didn't want to lose all my food so the coolers were offered and I accepted.It would have costs me more to re buy everything.

  • I have just logged in to find that all the games that I had entered pre-flash have now been refunded, got £100 to cash out. Just a shame that their withdraw isn't working lol anyone else finding loads of cash turn up in their account?

  • That's long time to live in the same apartment wonder they rushed to help you with the coolers and ice.

  • I live where many others are also.If we want insurance on something say as Fire we pay for that.This place is not high end but a place to live.I have been since I turned 10 1/2 years old.The longest living resident here.

  • It's not my fridge,where I live everything comes with apt rental except laundry is down stairs and we pay our Electric. It's not up to me to replace nothing I bought when they already had it here.Low income section 8 for many here.They replace the fridge.

  • @J/B I live in a rented house in UK! But I only have to house contents! Other problems down to landlords. And they got to fix things like example? leaking taps & so on. "E" :-))) x

  • Good preservatives for meat include salt and nutmeg and of course cooked lasts longer than raw. Your biggest enemy is the amount of water in it, that's why peanut butter lasts for years, barely any H2O in it. :)

  • p.s. people file claims for this kind of loss all the time and they do get reimbursed...hope you pursue it, its easier than it sounds.

  • The apart building will have an insurance policy on the building & appliances they own will be on it. Just take a pic of the refrigerator and the coolers with the food in them also if you still have your receipt for the food you just bought.Call their insurance co and file a claim for losses.

  • @Jb, freezers are usually specified in home insurance policies, usually with a limit of how much they'll cover for replacement. One of the benefits of being old, I remember a time when fridges weren't common, we had other ways of keeping food fresh, like hayboxes, underground cellars, meat lockers..