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  • Wow. Extended vip. What a gift. How about free cash games so I can continue playing? Oh right, there is no cash to give out...

  • there's definitly some fraude going on seems when i play a game i cant win even if i am 1st place whit one player to go i get a refund...but that doesnt happen when i'm like 4th or 5th the game misteriously dissapeares in the 'played games' list so its either lose or refund THAT'S FRAUDE!

  • Crystal YES! Why aren't they working on any of the other games? I NEVER get an answer, so I think it's safe to say that they won't bring back any other games. I think they're having too many problems with the withdraw of funds. I wish Candy Crush hadn't made it big, we'd still have our games.

  • @Kyanight, and Crescendo Catcher, Chuzzle, Storm Chaser, original Keyword, original TMS, the list goes on and on.

  • it says this when you try to deposit....We are using industry strength encryption and security to guarantee a safe transaction. You may withdraw your funds at any they are liars as well ...seeing you can not withdraw at any time....they should have said no time lol

  • Where are the freerolls????????????

  • If they stop accepting deposits, then people who run out of funds in their account will not be able to play cash games. What does this have to do with having trouble paying money out?

  • Reading the last message from RG that they are stopping deposits while they sort out payments,does that mean you cannot win money on the free goes?

  • No Friday free rolls showing. Guess I will have to wait until later-not even showing on Calendar for today.

  • Pyramid Speed, Midas Mahjong, Animal Parade, Flash Diamond, Four Seasons, Gospo's Challenge, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Block Party, Fairy Solitary, Goldfish Bowl, Letter Star, Miner Speed and Word Link - Oh how I miss you all! ::::::sniff:::::::

  • So you must have been refering to me then.!!!

  • @flw: I was not referring to you.

  • If King now hire David Cameron as a lobbyist, we'll see the writing on the wall.

  • @ FreeJamSociety .. were you referring to me in your last post ? If so. then you are mistaken as I rarely post on the blog . On the other hand , you post many time each day .!!!!

  • @lreb & others. Afraid you're probably right, stopping deposits would be a logical step in preparing for closure, their liability reduces as players lose their cash balance to others, entry fees & the NWF conversion. With so many games failing, NWF balances must be soaring. :(

  • Don't know that.

  • I have a question, but they will never answer. Are they even planning on bringing back any more games? Or is this it?

  • we are all srewed,they are bankrupt lol thats why they can not pay

  • Why must you get in on what were talking about?

  • It is most interesting that, for those who have complained so frequently about complaining, it abruptly becomes ALRIGHT to complain, as soon as something happens that adversely impacts THEM!