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  • RG has done a very good job on Lucky Lantern, at least, it runs very well on my computer. Let's hope that we see more of our long, lost "friends," in the near future.

  • Hey Clown Prince, thanks for the update. However you previously mentioned there was an issue with the account made for withdrawals? You have now disabled deposits, why really? Is the deposit account separate then? Need to elaborate comprehensively on this, the apparent reason is not very clear here!

  • Hey if you're also a Diggy's Adventurer you may have already noticed that the 9th birthday quest's started and it's a good un.

  • Lucky Lantern Plays great no problems

  • and Lucky Lantern HTML5 1.0.9 opened for all!

  • VIP progress meter?

  • Perhaps, RG seeks to quell charges of fraud, by suspending deposits. It is typically inconsiderate of them to do the site update, before the completion of the freeroll. I had a winner going and was well on the way to double jewels, of which I need, now, less than 30,000 more for Star Diamond.

  • Why start update of the site during the freeroll?

  • It would be nice to know what the updates entail as two days in a row, and when they are completed nothing seems to have changed ?

  • Two days in a row they're stopped playing due to 'site updates'...LOL I wonder what they're updating exactly!!!

  • OHHHHH. What do you make of the new statement on the blog about closing deposits??? Maybe they are trying to sort stuff out?

  • I wonder if they going to fix Bubble Saga for a change. Doubt it though. It was a fun game now it is just a boring one where the pointer lives a life on its own and the game still freezes. If you write about it to RG, they advise you to change browsers. Don't bother, it still doesn't work.

  • That is just a automated post which have gone on for years here copy & pasted! Hope they got the date right this time???

  • Alert in the Kingdom! There will be an UPDATE of the site! It's scheduled to start at appr. 13.30 CEST/European time - 12th of May 2021. So during that time you can put the cascading clowns to bed and lay off the BooBoo Bubbeling until .

  • Malta I think? but there are many in Europe & one in the USA.

  • He was stressed & could not cope! He did not know what he was letting himself into. That was in one of his statements over a year ago now! He still reads here I know for a fact. But disowned all us loyal players a long time & to date "E" :-(

  • Did Riccardo Zacconi, perhaps, depart the company out of sheer embarrassment, over what has become of this website? You have to hand it to the original operators of this site. The design of the games, many of which are no long here, was brilliant. Where is RG/King/Midas operating out of, now?

  • Saying! Stop teaching her bad habits I just laugh & say? well it did not do you any harm where you are today! She just looks at me & smiles! We have a bond & she knows it. Ok I got to behave now! As if! Take care everyone & sorry I do not trust all the lifts on the lockdowns? too soon... "E" xx

  • I just say ok! I'll do it now! But I put it on paper? then when she's asleep I put on the memo board! When home from school she says! Or Nan you did not forget! I say no darling Nan is not old yet too many sponges in my brain! She's sharp like her Mother! So then I get a lowdown of Daughter saying?

  • LMAO Here! Another update? maybe someone have give them a real calendar or a memo board like I got to on my fridge & get the dates right? omg this get's worse! I use mine for things on my shopping list & my 10 yr old Granddaughter loves saying? Nan you forgot a few things! Her brain is sharp.:-) x