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  • Gold Player Exclusive! Commenting in the fools blog - Unfortunately this feature is only available for gold players, upgrade now! Where's the brains behind that??? you cant upgrade to gold & nobody in their right minds would at the moment...

  • Just had a few messages off my friends some silver & other white diamond & black diamond! None of them who messaged have never played for cash... This is what they got but cant say usernames sorry! We all know they cant" What's going on??? I will post the message they had! Next...

  • I would like to play for money games because I have no issues!!!!

  • It is bad enough, that they have alienated so many of their own customers, but now they have, more or less, HAD to cut off their own lifeblood . . . but, at least, it gives RG an incentive to get the withdrawal issues sorted out.

  • Need the site fixed before all players leave and there's nothing!!!

  • I think it literally WOULD constitute fraud to encourage people to deposit money to a site on the premise that one could WIN money, if one could not subsequently withdraw the money won, so I think RG is merely trying to preempt charges of that sort. I think it is actually the RIGHT thing to do.

  • finally brought before the courts, she appealed a massive reduction in her fines pleading poverty, despite owning the majority share in Tescos,

  • For our younger viewers, Ernest Saunders was the disgraced boss of Guiness, acquitted of fraud because he claimed Alzheimers, but miraculously seems cured now, the only person ever if that was true. Dame Shirley was a dreadful Tory apparatchik who misruled Westminster Council with an iron fist. When

  • OMA'S birthday list 13 MAY -----------PUMAN1980------------ Thanks x x

  • @FreeJam, whichever country suits their purpose at the time. He's still the spider in the centre of this web, just tried to become anonymous with cover stories like the one ewo quoted. Very old trick, Gates, Trump, Ernest Saunders, Dame Shirley Porter & others have pulled it too.

  • @IJS, it's even worse than "monopoly money" when king convert it all to NWF.

  • Hi Ross, think I will send a few friends requests! You never know? one might add me! LOL! LOL! "E" :-)

  • Think I'll move to Germany, 36 of the top 50 in the last freeroll. That's a good percentage return. Must be all that korn they drink. Had my share when I was stationed there in the 80's.

  • Just close the site down and have done with it !!!! It's pretty clear that's the way its headed anyway.

  • I understand what you mean JB

  • @kez I well aware of those who were complaining to get money back. But it's not right to block all whom play cash games to keep their Diamond status.I rather not see mine go then to rebuild it again.

  • I think my solar lanterns need more sun! LOL! LOL! "E" ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️ x

  • JB I think it’s because people are complaining and waiting for their money

  • I don’t think you are of your head you could be right their Eliane

  • We should be able to deposit to play the cash games.I never complained about getting money out.Rather leave in to play the games I like.