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  • OMA’S birthday list 14 May : --- FELLENFAL --- HOPE_N_GLORY--- MOTHYMARY --- SALLYSWAY2 --- TANDT.DK ---THETRUEME --- TIJNTJE----- Thanks x x

  • @Terror ,, I have a little cash and some NWF . The cash will runout in a few games and NWF doesn't count . There are too few games and the competition is too high. I might as well throw in the towel and go and play candy crush on my tablet !!

  • Mine is at 88% so 12 more to go and not enough cash to make it. I feel bad you got that much to when we got cut off with no notice ahead of time. :((

  • @flw1335-g, what are they thinking? We cannot even deposit money into our accounts because RG closed deposits!

  • My current status shows that I have to play enough cash games to fill 20 % of the Diamond status meter . :(((

  • I have just received this >.You have 1 month left on your VIP membership. As you have not yet qualified for a new VIP period we wanted to let you know you still have time to qualify if you play enough cash entry games. Check out your Account page to review current status.

  • What's wrong with the spinner game now??

  • OK, Who's nicked the bonus spinner ?!?!?!?!?!

  • i play i love treasure a it seems as i am in top 3 i always get a refund nice way to not having to pay out...every time i lose the outcome of the game can be revieuwed but when i end in a winning possition its not there anymore...all players check this please...its the 8 players game...

  • We'll have to wait and see :-/

  • I hope they do freeze it for us to stay the status we are now.

  • Yeah that'll work ... not! ;)) Oh btw for what its worth I suggested as a gesture of goodwill that the VIP status should be frozen all the time we cannot deposit, as it is not our fault we can't pay to play. awaiting a reply, I of course will not hold my breath.

  • Just wear a mask and tell them you're attending a VIP party and its top priority you be there. lol :))

  • Hmm I may have a problem getting out of the Country lol :))

  • I already have the food now others need bring stuff lol :))

  • All round yours for a party JB lol ;))

  • Wow I won a big penny from Paper pear Tues. freeroll.I feel rich now,can't share 1 cent.

  • In time it should open for all to play.We can only play for free jewels.It doesn't even show cash games.Just got it fixed yesterday.

  • JB, I just played another game of Lucky Lantern for stars not that I need any and it didn't even close.

  • Mrs.G the game just got fixed yesterday to show scores. Were in a boat and can't deposit to play when needed.Who ever wants to buy extra stars that is not available either.