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  • mainframe to play "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" as a very basic way to get a computer to learn. Had the crowd in the Science Museum in stitches as it tried to guess "lemming" and ended up between "lion" or "kangaroo" depending on the answer to "does it jump?". After I taught it the difference, was

  • Remember buying an Atari VCS on the strength of Space Invaders, but such a poor conversion. Did you never play Pong or Breakout ewo? They paved the way. Mind you, even those are a bit "modern" for my age group, we spent many a happy hour on Cave/Colossal Cave Adventure, or sneakily programming a

  • Going to look for a game site tomorrow that uses that game! I know graphics would have changed! But the game rules have not! If I find a site I will be happy because I know how to play it! Might look easy but the more levels you pass faster it gets & aliens come down a lot lower to the shooter.

  • My first sort of computer game in them days! Think it will bring back memories to all my age! I was addicted to it & we had Hotel challs/ from locals, here it is.

  • Giving my age away now? I worked in a Hotel in these days? no cell phones or mobiles then! I go back to early 80's! But you can't rely on this video! Not even a computer then, well I did not have one. Anyone my age will remember this? you would sit the other side playing a friend or what ever! 2nd

  • Just caught up on rest of blog, incredulous at rockets and others finding ways to deposit funds. Why? Might as well just set fire to a tenner, you'll never see anything back, or even better, plenty of charities would have welcomed it.

  • as common today thankfully, but King still pull it out from time to time to get rid of someone. Happened to a very well known blog contributor several years ago after he exposed some very shoddy behaviour and some of the regulars who complained about that found themselves under the same threat.

  • FreeJam, you really need to look through the blog archive. Been a hot topic ever since 2005. Very dirty history it is too, a lot of "watchdog sites" show players who did stand up, only then to have their accounts closed with unexplained accusations of "cheating" and losing their money entirely. Not

  • Or no? 2p's I'm a big gambler & go for the 10p's ha ha! Hope you cashed them into the bank P/W You can't spend them no more! I hope some of you can remember happy moments when on holidays with family or mates! Me & mates missed our coach from Blackpool once! Tell you again omg a nightmare! "E" :-)

  • @MrJaded1, not me. Only ever deposited the £5 to open the account, which if it counted for deposit bonus would only account for £5 of NWF. Yet well over £100 of real money has become NWF over the years, mainly through the failed game refund scam.

  • But I don't CARE if people complain only about only those things that adversely affect them. Just don't hypocritically criticize people who complain about things that don't happen to affect you . . . and don't project your own judgmental tendencies upon them.

  • The only people who have criticized the moaners are those who were not, apparently, affected by the withdrawal issue, because they fall into the category that is more concerned with deposits. THEY only started moaning, after their deposits were affected. I haven't deposited, since my original $5.

  • Unfortunately in this case, the payout is likely to be to an individual hiding on one of those islands with no banking codes nor extradition treaties.

  • Hi C_V I'm laughing as I type! There are so many more stories I can tell. So when I see low moods here I will post! But have to watch my swearing lmao! In my last post I missed typed? should have said? omfr like my Daughter says! I will never change been the same since a kid! Off to play some challs

  • If you can't "pump any more coins into the slot", usually means the machine is full and due for a big payout. :)

  • @FreeJam, can think of another category, if you're familiar with the intro to the cult series The Prisoner. :) The Patrick McGoohan original of course, not that dreadful attempted remake with jim catweasel that was dropped after a few episodes.

  • I once won £1.50 in 2p pieces but got one of those complimentary plastic cups to keep them in.

  • Lol @ ewo, reminds me of the night mates and I were doing a sponsored 24 hr gaming stint for charity in a private club. I won £86 on the fruit machine, but the customary round of drinks to celebrate cost more than I won. :/

  • I come in the 3rd categories then which is called omf & like a laugh & make my friends laugh with fact stories! Never a dull moment with me! So get your coins in the bandit machines! But first have a few beers! You never know you might win? lmao. :-)))

  • A scene that's been played out in many a Hollywood blockbuster.