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  • I kinda thought of this after your last comment Elaine, coming through lol :)) >> <<

  • Or the traffic police? It was my right of way! So they knew I was right! So many over the years mounted the pavement to let me through, they knew they were in the wrong! So when I passed them I used to wave like the Queen with a big smile on my face... Most were male drivers & swear at me! LMAO :-)

  • Kez, I passed my driving test when I was 20yr old! But then I became a joyrider like we say in UK! When it was my right of way on local streets & other drivers would not give in! I would pull the keys out of the ignition & get out of my car & say? back off do you want a traffic jam? 2nd

  • Your welcome.Wish things were different and you as well as others could deposit.

  • Thanks for the reply. I have not registered any card but have previously paid with paypal. Now I can not change but only get a message saying that I can not deposit money. I have written to the support as well but get no help from there.

  • @Sunny: It WAS earlier today, but I have no idea why.

  • EWO: I bought a Vizio Smartcast TV, with built-in Chromecast. All I have to do is, on ANY website, go to the Edge "settings," "more tools," and click on "cast media to device," and it is sent to my TV. Maybe, your TV is similarly equipped.

  • Hello World Lady A > <

  • Just found the time to play the Friday Freerolls. Played I love Treasure and then when I went to play the other three - ALL THREE WERE GONE What's up with that??? They close at 2:00 my time zone and it's only 1:00. Thanks Fool!! What's next???

  • Eliane l know what you mine maybe your daughter use a memory stick and you can plug in your tv

  • Sile, don't put ideas in my head now! I will land up with a burned out Computer & TV Then I won't be able to watch EastEnders! LMAO :-))) xx

  • I know, none of us are getting our withdrawals, at least, for now, but I'm still not entirely convinced that that is because PayPal is preventing it. RG, of course, would have every right to cease operations on this website . . . but they still do, inarguably, owe us our balances.

  • I remember Maria cart l was always last and l was not so good driver LMFAO

  • She's not here now as you know! So I won't go messing with connections no way! But it was brill to see the games so in enlarged from this site! Or well maybe one day she will do it again for me? with my eyesight I need it! Take care & see you soon! "E" :-) x

  • After a solid, 11,000-jewel haul on the Friday Freerolls, I'm, now, only 13,300 jewels from Star Diamond. I know, no one else cares, but I do . . . because, at that point, jewels become utterly meaningless!

  • HDMi cable ;)

  • Hi Kez, or no never played Crash Bandicoot but played Mario Cart made me dizzy like Nut Tails on here! LMAO But when my Daughter finished in UNI & living with me then, she connected my computer to a 48 inch TV screen with games on here don't ask me how she done it I have no idea! 2nd

  • I find it a little odd that you cannot deposit money at the moment, as they are having problems with the withdrawal function, yet they keep accepting money to play games. Surely this functionality should have been temporarily stopped as well.

  • Also if they phone off a with held number they won't say who they are if it's a scam call! The same on my mobile, but like I said I can only speak for SKY! Worth a call to your provider on your mobiles & landlines! Good luck. "E" :-)

  • Their asked by SKY to say who is calling before I connect the call. But they don't because they know they can be traced! Last one I had was from London but their everywhere as you know! So to date I don't have any problems! Check with your provider if they offer the same service free? hope it helps?