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  • We need the deposit option fixed! There is no fun in the games now... And yes, add some word games please.

  • We Need..!! some word games...Crystal_V and susan462 ...i think would many others...Pretty Please...with a cherry...:))

  • Many years playing daily then I stopped a year ago. Difficulty is much harder for mid rank players like myself than higher rank players. This site is dying a slow death at it's own hands

  • For us who don't have big wins and can't deposit our $10 now and then how about a few extra freerolls? That doesn't guarantee the big winners won't grab it but maybe it will give us mediocre players a chance to pick up a few $ to play with until the deposit problem is fixed. Thanks

  • Crystal_Voyag. On I also have an account for 20 years Chuzzle, http: // O & gs = 3016 & sgid = 404 You can only download it, I think.

  • @ lucky-boy-joh You're not the only one. I put my £10 on every week and totally agree that it makes playing just a little bit more exciting. I've never won big but accept I pay to play. Most games play ok for me, so I'm missing that 'will I win?' feeling haha.

  • I did the same thing a week ago - 3 times! The games didn't play so I asked for refunds and got them!

  • @eviewhirl, maybe not, as long as the losses are offsetting the taxation on King's mobile profits. Also proving very hard for them to disentangle the Midas/King/Royal setup, that complicated web is now working against them.

  • Aaargh, expensive mistake. Bogus Spinner game of PP froze on end credits, hit refresh to try and get out of it, forgetting that pays for a new entry out of your own funds. Was so close to negating that NWF balance, just gone £1.40 in the wrong direction. :(

  • OMA'S birthday list 19 May --------- 79241K --- ASMODIXX ---BUCKRAYBURN --- LANFERE -----------Royal anniversary: JACQUI.JACQUI-TA ( 14 years)------------------------ Thanks xx

  • just me then....?

  • honesty - now there is a thing that's in short supply in the world these days

  • as in the big money.. quite happy myself to play honestly

  • only the people with cheat bots win on this site

  • well milwscruffy some of of us just like to play with the added incentive that we might win a couple of pennies on the way. It adds an edge to the game as it were

  • Just wondering why you would want to deposit to a site that you can't make a withdraw from ? Color me confused.

  • Well who reckons Royal Games will still be here in a few weeks, they not getting any money from anywhere so bye bye eh????

  • This deposit dilemma takes for ever to fix. I have not enough money to play and I wanna play.

  • I really hope they are working on getting a solution for depositing. 46 cents is nothing to play for.Never a slim chance at the freerolls as always the same who get money. Won't be worth keeping account open either.

  • Yeah, I have tournaments well over 2 years old that are still not settled and can now never be finished cos the games don't exist anymore !!!!! It's a disgrace !!