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  • Black screen on daily spinner - AGAIN! I said it before, I'll say it again - either sort it or don't offer it!

  • Congrats FJS, I know how hard that achievement is to obtain. Sorry no one else could take the time from trying to one-up someone or the constant complaining to acknowledge

  • Thank you all for your kind messages and comments on my 10th Royal Anniversary. ಌڿڰۣಌ✿(❤)✿ڿڰۣಌ Wherever you are, warm thoughts and best wishes coming your way... ✿◕‿◕ :)

  • 4th day in a row on the spinner cycle. Black screens.,..4 days in a row. Unbelievable.

  • @mrb, not just "the big two", Club Pogo was huge until their disastrous idea of porting games to Flash, place fell apart rapidly after that and they closed all their sites except the U.S. branch. :( Lot of other big names got out of the games market early, Crackpot Joy, Virgin etc...

  • @kpjp02, the answer is probably the same as the original name of the band who recorded "Fairytale in New York", or something similar. ;)

  • On the strength of an 89th place finish in today's, afternoon, Pepper Panic freeroll, I at last, achieved Star Diamond. The jewel, progress bar no longer even appears across the top of the page. I'm just glad I was able to get here, before the site goes 404. I will, now, shut up about it.

  • Here it is; 12 yrs paying & playing here;lack funds to play while I wait for games to finish & can't deposit. I enjoy the cash challenges (don't judge) If I can only play for free, like many years ago before I upgraded, I ask dear Royal; why should I stay loyal? Thank you in advance for your reply!

  • OMA’S birthday list 21 May -- ----- CHRISP11111 --- EIJA.68 --- ELLY6970 --- HOPJESPUNTNL --- INNE2 --- MIINAPANTTERI --- -------------SAFIANNA-------- Thanks xx

  • actually rocket science is really easy, but you get my

  • Jakeee, make you right. Not rocket science

  • I recently had a challenge for a 143 player game, entry cost was 35p and prize was 53p. No brainer for me.

  • How the hell can someone get over 600,00 score on farm king free roll WTF i only managed 94,000. That is well dodgy as dodgy as not being able to withdraw money from this site. Possibly Royal games generated that artificial score to avoid paying out

  • This deposit probllem takes so long to fix. I have not enough money to play and I wanna play. hoop dat het gauw weer kan, baal hier van

  • And please nobody suggest Gameduell, they STILL don't have progressives/jackpots! That irritates me so much otherwise they could easily be a proper alternative to RG/WW.

  • But I'm interested to see what happens next i.e. will Worldwinner be mobile only? Will they be available in EU/UK? Will they have the same games? Has anyone tried Game Taco on mobile and what do you think? We all need to find another game site seeing as the 'Big 2' have crashed and burned.

  • Now why would GSN/Sony sell a PROFITABLE company that was doing well? Unless of course Worldwinner has gone down the tubes since I stopped playing there (well of course lol!) due to EU/GDPR fiasco, and suddenly they AREN'T profitable and needed to be offloaded fast? Game Taco lol - TACky or what?

  • You guys make me laugh, you are rabbiting away like you think someone is listening lol! They are on running on their own schedule now and nothing we say will change anything. But THIS is interesting: WORLDWINNER (remember them?) have been SOLD to "Game Taco"! Game Taco I hear you ask?? Who the?

  • Higher rank players have even higher chances of winning, more so than before. That is WHEN you have a game that loads and registers your score! Not to mention the "refund" of failed games not being returned to real money, but to NWF, IF it is done at all! Ok, end of my rant!

  • I'm not using "hard" numbers here, but only to illustrate my point: where there used to be 10 tournaments/choices in a game, there are now only 5. Fewer chances of winning, when taken in combination with larger grouping of ranks in a game, as gclark35 pointed out a page back.