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  • Could be your browser you are using also, Firefox will do that.I know use Opera and the same,new private window and accept all cookies.Gives better playing for the site.This was mentioned in a blog they posted and when logging in.

  • That is your offer for diamond player on top?

  • Free roll I Love Treasure loaded and left me with only a blue screen - this has happened many times when I Love Treasure is offered as a freeroll. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  • ♫,,,,,...Stand beside her and guide her........:))...

  • Got a new pic of baby Ellie in my album. :)

  • But I think worldwinner have had exclusive rights to feature Bejeweled on their site in recent years, that's why Royalgames removed Bejeweled, Chuzzle etc. many years ago due to licensing issue/royalty fees etc. Royal didn't want to pay the fees so stuck with Candy Crush instead.

  • You to Mrb???

  • I doubt very much Popcap have licensed them to include this, so they should just change the sound effects to avoid legal action which shuts them down before they even get going! I don't know, maybe it's fine and they do have permission to use but we will see.

  • 7 tears ago after I made my first hundred dollars here I moved to a site called Gameduel (Hmmm). Put 10 dollars in and after 6 months had made 140$. Then they blocked my acct and asked me to prove I wasn't a robot. Never went back. I will never trust a site run by Americans again. U.S spells us.

  • I too have just noticed that they have taken money from me for my so called "free roll". That's so shitty. Maybe they want everyone to stop playing the free rolls too............?

  • And I didnt get credit for the freeroll. I could only play 2 Diamond Digger and I love treasure because of where I am from, I cant play the card games for money which is stupid! Both freerolls crashed to and on DD my score was 273 thousand something.

  • Ok RG I never have problems playing here but tonight it just cuts my game mid stream and says ah snap out of memory. idk what is going on but I hope you all fix it soon.

  • I love treasure did not get credit for game-went to screen showing went wrong-it is time to fix these issues with the games especially with free roll games. That may be only games that people can afford to play right now.

  • We also had a balroc, a wild goat and played dwaggie wars in the blog. And before the 1st official "hidden object" games appeared, great fun was had playing "Where's kongsang?" :)

  • I will graciously concede that it is "different". Royal had more than 6 games, and community involvement such as this blog. Until last week, we too could pick who we played with head to head, now we have to have 3 or more in a challenge.

  • @Susan, yes I am serious and don't call me Shirley. :)

  • Just a short clip from! "Fawlty Towers" There are many more! Watch & enjoy! LOL... "E" :-)

  • Hi C_V Now you know my humour yes been busy? wearing a mask you can rob anything!!! Bank/Petrol Station/Supermarket just make sure you cover your face & shades on & number plate & drive fast! Many won't see the funny side of this joke but my friends do... :-)

  • I'd like to share that I do not like having to play against 2 other players instead of one, especially when I am prompted to play for cash. I'll just never play for $ again when prompted.

  • Seriously?