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  • @Justbreathe456 who?

  • As a senior citizen was driving down the Motorway, his phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgently warning him, “Pat, I just heard on the news that there''s a car going the wrong way on the M1. Please be careful!” “It's not just one car,” said HPat, “It's hundreds of them!"

  • Not to pick you,but maybe saying Darn instead.If you don't mind.Ty

  • Damn! Lol

  • drat too late ;))

  • @comgame don't just go north! :)

  • Good advice rach.. that's the path I would normally take but unfortunately my compass had other ideas tonight lol ;))

  • At the start of level 1 to try to do what I previously wrote.

  • @sadlyneglected not sure if you do this already but thought I'd try and help :) on the first level connect as many bubble as you can into twos, try not to just pop them straight away, always aim for the sides in making twos then start to pop bubbles. Hope this helps.

  • Ty Terror :)

  • See you on the other side! You know what I mean & looking forward to friendly team challs/ & 9 ball... "E" :-)

  • Jb, love your little Bat Girl!

  • Last one to leave turn out the lights. See you at Duecash!

  • OMA’S Birthday List 6 June: --- ANINA.NL --- BADGERCAT1 ---GEMINIANA --- JAFFETTIN --- RETIISI112 --- SOILE.HERPO --- WATERDEPOT --- WSP660----------- Thanks xx

  • Was germany playing a different bubble witch than the rest of us? 4 of them at the top, with some pretty unbelievable scores ;-)

  • Your welcome :) Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  • Thanks JB. The most I've ever won was £17 and that was years ago. Recently won a couple of £ here and there but nothing like your wins raglen. Fingers crossed :)

  • 1st in papa pear.. nice.. my second big win was in papa.. I won around $110 and won $120 on bubble bitch several yrs back

  • Good luck mews and hope you get it.Jb :)

  • No that's me! My friends in the real world! Say you always got to get the last word in. I say yes you got it! Ha! Ha! ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️