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  • Guess these zombie green accounts that have been revived don't follow current affairs, Argentina has banned currency being paid out of the country for quite some time now, can see where this is headed.

  • Yawn. As far as "Dam" goes, it's either a wall/embankment used to store water (as in Dambusters), or the female parent of a racehorse.

  • Nos da! Sile. "E" :-)

  • Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh, slainte Sile

  • So! Trivial about English words! Would you like me to post in Welsh? then that will keep you busy even with translate... :-)

  • Darn you socks! LOL...

  • Don't matter? we all use slang words all over the world! Can mean different to others no matter which way you spell dam in UK means the same! And we have to get used to yours!!! So chillout over a stupid word that is not abuse to anyone. Talk about a mountain out of a mole hill. LOL :-)

  • Thanks a million WD on yours too. Unfortunately I am a pauper atm awaiting the chance to donate err deposit again.

  • @comgame I'm rubbish at that one! WD though.

  • I got 1st in a release the creeps one a few weeks back as well beat some of the normal 'names' I'd like to think on that day my skill meter was full too lol :))

  • Ofc we have a chance I've won 2 BW 24 hour tourneys this week with just skill.

  • Yes I see the scores! We got no chance sorry! But most were told in personal messages how it's done! You need to be very clever on a tech side! That does not mean to others your not good at any games here. But there's a way trust me & way above my head. What I got was fair play never cheated.

  • For your Information it was spelled with an n on the end.Wasn't talking to you anyway

  • Never heard a Brit say darn if that was aimed at me! I'm English and very proud of that!! We say damn!! Jeez who put 20p in that one.

  • I thought that too but there were errors/misses one noticeable one at 1 minute a wayward green one lol :))

  • The word! Dam is not a swear word in the UK! Just a figure of speech... We could say a lot worse! But we don't!!! So now time for us Brits to use text & see if they can work it out? they like words games, so lets have some fun! I will enjoy that, cul8r :-)

  • I wish like many others have said we could see replays or either some highlights after games... Would be pretty interesting to see how the legit players get some of these incredible scores.

  • @comgame thank you! It doesn't seem legit though :( way too fast! Could be wrong hopefully I'm not but maybe some aim bot is used there or coding for colours.

  • This the old version but same principle doesn't start at the beginning but mega score > < wish my hand eye co-ordination was that quick, that depletes with age no hope for me then lol :))

  • Anyone on here no how I can get some of these great scores I keep seeing on Bubble Saga? Literally don't feel like I can play any faster but would love to give the top 3 a run for their money :) seems like the same ones time and time again grrr.