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  • I already deposited more than 100 usd with bitcoin and I had no problem, they have very good tournaments very well paid.

  • @KMS57 .. I seem to be following you around the kingdom !! . Those 5 accounts are probably being used by just 1 or 2 people . If the site that they advertise is really that good surely they would be playing there and would not want the competition /Fran

  • KMS57.... your welcome.

  • Nobody seems to mention the saga games as an option to here, sadly Alphabetty is not currently available but completed all 920 levels before it went down.

  • hej . jag har inga problem med spelen här inne på royal gams. använder chrome. så jag tänker inte byta har spelat här inne i många år och är nöjd med royal gams

  • It was done through GoDaddy.

  • I hope that the rumors of a smattering of withdrawals finally being processed is more than a mere mirage.

  • Terror - I agree. This board was my first stop to see where others might be going to play games and I was alarmed to see this site getting promoted (though not by anybody whose opinion I'd trust.)

  • Just checked out the so much praised Duel cash on interned and the site is not secure.

  • Thanks, JB. I just thought it was odd that 5 accounts all rose from the dead in early February of this year by playing Monster Fever against that account. He must have just liked Monster Fever. :)

  • KMS57.... That account was most likely a silver that the player closed on their own. Jb

  • Winning games is fixed,just like on line betting, there is no skill envolved,the games are set up that only a certain number of people can win,whether you play for cash or not,otherwise these companys would go bankrupt.why do you think some of these site say you can win a million there is noway

  • Anybody here ever run into a player with the username of gaistalmichael? Account doesn't exist anymore but interaction with it shows up in half of the spammers profiles. (I love mysteries.)

  • Free spin did not load again and only one game to choose from. Totally rubbish

  • How clever of that one to make their login change but still has not played for 8 years??? Another played and won money,how long of a wait they have is beyond us.And why play for cash for them either?

  • So if you check that player again now it will be the 6th June.

  • Just explaining about the earlier dates on peoples logins, that is the last time they were logged in when they log out and back in again it will be the next date, sort of clear as mud I hope ;))

  • @cheekbones Thank you for letting us know you received your $$$. Wonder if they go by ticket # or amt taken out. either way I will be patient. Still gonna keep my ammo(screenshots) for Paypal just in case.

  • All that shines is not always gold!

  • If this new so called game site is as good as you all say, why are you all wasting time posting on this site. Think of all the Bucks you are losing out on, in the time you are with bothering us.