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  • Are we adults or children!

  • In order to get our blog back the spammers need to go.

  • This site isn't dead yet and I for one hope it recovers from whatever is going on. On a brighter note I'm currently in 2nd place in the Papa Pear tournament which ends this afternoon. Fingers crossed I'll have some money to play with at the end. :)

  • Oh and didn't you notice I didn't use the name D***C***? There you go, Happy now?

  • What a load of nonsense is this blog now. People gossiping about scammers and we all know they are here. Then the not talking about the other site. Come on people, what happened to freedom of speech? I always liked this site but now prefer the other one because this one is dead.

  • Tip: Please name the abusers/scammers here in the community, then PlayerSupport has a chance to investigate and block quicker. No need to name the site-that-should-not-be-mentioned :)

  • So boring reading this blog now and others taking it over. Not sure how much good it does being here. People could always pm each other. Not all players want to see the ranting that goes on, the aggression and swearing.

  • KMS57 : i flushed dns and reset ip . Still gives the same error ....i can login using my phone and not using my internet from home but the data traffic from the other supplier. rly strange ...and i cant contact them with the name we dont mention :)

  • Er zijn geen aantrekkelijke games site's is allemaal niks geen leuke spellen, andere site's zijn altijd jaloers geweest op King en nu ook op RG zij kunnen niet evenaren omdat ze gewoon niet de juiste mensen hebben, veel lof over RB en laat het weer allemaal goed komen.

  • Just a thought...Maybe, us, all of us, "Royal Gamers", just ignore all sticky invitations from other attractive sites, if this game site presents some signs, any signs of improvement. YES ! I miss the old times spent here, but, I still trust and hope, in the near future something good will come out.

  • withdraw when their Govt. brought in draconian currency restrictions. Made some good friends there trying to help them find a way round that., sadly seem to have gone since the Flash debacle took the best games away. :(

  • @Juelma, interesting, wonder if that was the same 5-6 Argentinian accounts that were using the M Mahjong cheat software (and trying to sell it from their profiles) to clean up the bogus spinner tournies with unbelievable 35k + scores? Yet at the same time, genuine ARG players couldn't deposit nor

  • Profits not revenue 2017-7.8 million. 2018-750 million. 2019-740 million. 2020-857 million. So where did it all go huh? Or do they just not wanna pay. Why I'm bringing the fight to them. Ya know you can go google-learn you anything right? Nah, you better just go ahead and watch another cat video.

  • We reported these zombie accounts several years ago when the same trolls were trying to get this blog shut down, but King shot the messengers instead of dealing with them, even when we provided proof that the original account holder had died.

  • I typed into google"How much did Mario Lopez get paid for candy crush". Got nothing but hype for the show. But I did find the revenue for candy crush. Interested.

  • And if you could, find out how much Mario Lopez got paid to host that crap sandwich(candy crush)

  • what was the other one Crystal? I'm unaware.

  • @JB, totally agree, they need to police it properly. Posts mentioning Crackpot Joy, Virgin Games etc... were rapidly removed, and Uncle Goat even got sanctioned for arranging the trees in his castle pic to read "Pogo". :)

  • @Joe, that takes us back, not the first disastrous tv experience by King, they never seem to learn. The previous fiasco caused serious consequences for the site.

  • Yes, been trying to find my welding goggles. Peak in UK is just before 11:15am, clouds permitting.