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  • @zaboukiss if you go under your screenname and hit account it'll bring you to account page. Your spin progress is there.

  • Well Fool, then I'd like my VIP meter to show up since it's been almost 1 year that I can't see it. You told me end of year but here it's been 6 months more and still nothing. THanks for letting us know.

  • Hey Clown Prince. Was wondering why since RG extended the re-qualification for the VIP meter out three months that my VIP progress percentage has not changed. I have played over a hundred cash games in the past few weeks and my percentage is still the same.

  • Trying to play Release the creeps and have a black screen each time. Does someone else or everybody have the same problem ? Thanks.

  • iceman isn't going to be too happy. He was denied 4 in a row in the freerolls by someone with better "skills".

  • @robinj I can't see lillmiss60 but there is a lillmiss606 that has not been online for a number of years and has less than 10 jewels . I think that she could be the same person.

  • I got a lilmiss60 Message 6/9/21, you are a great player & asking me to visit the not-to-be-mentioned site yesterday as well. When I went to block them I saw RG had already deleted their account! Good work Support Team! Thank you :))

  • Didn't open it up ...i just assume it is... You are a great play... lilmiss60 Message 6/9/21 10:42 PM

  • Nice one, milwscruffy. That ought to calm him down. ROFL

  • I'll say this Joe_Thunder, you take the cake for someone who just thinks the world of themself. Having a raised ego is one thing, you take it to a whole other level. Hope you don't get a bad shoulder from patting yourself on the back.

  • The rumors of withdrawals seem to have stopped. They may have been just flukes, if they happened, at all.

  • Light Force (PS1) and it's sequel on the PS2 were really good for that.

  • How come you don't get double points for fruit bonuses in Kalorie King anymore, when the doubler's active? Imagine a game where you're driving a car through a giant maze and you've got to pick up bonuses and avoid traps. You could unlock new vehicles. Not just cars, flying carpets and stuff. Mobile

  • Can you give us some kind of an idea of when this site may return to its original state? Now that I can't deposit there is not much I can do. Most of my favorite games are gone, one-on-one play is gone, and now deposits too. Should I be hopeful, or just give up?

  • The Clown Prince should do a virtual, "press conference," here, on the blog. He should answer direct questions. I mean, what else does he have to do? What is more important than the fact that the site is bleeding customers? He should stop being so vague and evasive.

  • mews459 thanks. I can still look that player up on a member search but now it shows it offline.

  • milwscruffy - I got one from them too but they are already gone from here so someone must have reported them already.

  • Have no idea how to send and report the message, only option on the message is to block the sender and I did.

  • Got a message I believe is in German ( I translated it on the net ) from lilmiss60 for DD. This may be a record, lilmiss60 hasn't been on here in 13 years.

  • Were not gossiping about the spammers.To that one must talk about them behind their back.We are getting them off 1 by 1 if we have to,and we are adults.