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  • I rescued a dog that once belonged to a blacksmith. The first thing he did when I brought him home was make a bolt for the door.

  • There is (or at least was) freeroll in Diamond Digger!!

  • Nice finding Juelma! I guess samblues has an electric, silver account (silver = argentum) :)

  • Indeed he probably did!

  • @samblues look for yourself

  • Confucius say, man who bite electric wire get shocking experience.

  • Speak properly. What is shocking?

  • Wild horses..couldn't drag me away...;♫♫

  • I don't care who owns DuelCash, but Duelcash is a great gaming site, already more than 1000 people from royalgames are playing on Duelcash, it's shocking!

  • I heard a rumor that is a royalgames company, is this true fool?

  • I have been waiting for my payment for more than 7 months, that's why I am now a user, they have paid me in less than 24 hs and gave me a lovely welcome to the DuelCash castle.

  • Jackie use to Say oh " 'How true it is " ..!!!!...thats when you start

  • Susan, after these folks get their money, they'll find something else to carp about :-/

  • @sara_megan, thanks for the link. It clears up some of the mess, but still more questions then answers.

  • ditto. Free Bonus game did not load. Seems to only happen on Puff Fish for me.

  • @soujay..good to hear that rg is still working its way down the list of withdrawals and that people are getting paid their withdrawal money....hopefully we will all be able to make deposits soon! :)))

  • The free bonus spinner game did not load AGAIN :(

  • @Joe_Thunder Unlikely RG would forget to take a domain name off the market or violate US trademark law if they were in control of the site-that-shall-not-be-named.

  • Duelcash prolly owned by them as well. Maybe when they make some $$ there we will gets ours here?

  • they say that they have NO time frame on the Paypal problem, but are still working on it.