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  • @meowkitty13 on duelcash you get paid in less than 24 hours, here I haven't been able to see a single penny for months....

  • LOL Sile! :))))

  • A woman in labour suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t! Wouldn’t! Couldn’t! Didn’t! Can’t!” “Don’t worry,” said the doc. “Those are just contractions.”

  • J/B I was not referring to you in anyway! I was posting my opinion on the players! Advertising that game again! Nothing more ok. "E"

  • JB l have sent it to support

  • JB, I think you're right about that..and it does seem pretty shallow. I just wish they'd stop.

  • Thanks Sile, for the screenshot! That's what I was going to do track! This is crazy some of those accounts have hardly been used & go back a while! Can't say anymore here! But again thanks & too other players! That are. "GENUINE PLAYERS" :-)

  • Susan they got nothing better to do.

  • Your telling me to end after my post?

  • @JB, it is interesting, I wonder why they are attacking the rg website as well..I wonder if it is more than just a marketing spam

  • Here we go! Their going to blast again about that game site. It's up to players where they want to play! Not for other players to tell them where! Now end it! We make our own choices & this is not a advertising site for other game sites...

  • Why all of sudden they login after all these years just to Spam our blog? Hope someone is sending to support.

  • Blows me away sile...!!...not even going to ? why...instead heres a tune...

  • Will you spam somewhere else > <

  • The comments need to be stopped again.

  • Definitely a group. Definitely hijacked RG accounts.

  • Thanks Sile, I understand now! Lets hope it's picked up! ASAP!!! "E" x

  • @misears The duelcash site is new, their withdrawals arrive in less than three days and they offer freerolls every day in all their games, the site is quite promising, I've been registered for a few days and every day they improve even more

  • Another one for support > touter .

  • I am very happy to have returned to play on this site long ago I did not participate but now the games sometimes fail me, I found a site called similar to RG is very fun and have enough users already and freerolls with good prizes and let you enter several times