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  • Seriously... What is going on?

  • W T F ?javascript:doSubmit()

  • SENDER: KAT_62 SENT: 08/06/21 17:34 Message: You are a great player, I recommend the site apparently RoyalGames is financing this site but they do not admit it, try the games are very good, good day.

  • of Trumpettes/Al accounts trying to close this blog and filing false reports against legitimate players.

  • @KMS57, kongsang's record of over 150 accounts will take some beating especially as his inside help has long since left in disgrace. Sad history of this here, remember the 2 players who wrecked the Liverpool board with their many faces? And of course more recently, King kept falling for the plethora

  • C_V, they must be in a great hurry covering all the real players here ;-)

  • @gmmwrght, nope, my comments are all still there. Try again.

  • See the zombies are still working to their scripts, all these pm's are word for word the same 1 of 2 messages, spelling mistakes and all. :(

  • Good news! C_V Hope you don't have to wait looooooooooong? :-)

  • On happier news, just had a win that's put me in credit vs NWF for the 1st time in over 10 years! Now just need to avoid black screens until withdrawals become possible again. :)

  • I warned players over several posts back not to respond to messages of the scam! Some read some don't! That was hours ago! J/B And also but no user given I was warned over 48 hrs ago what was going to happen & good player & a IT TECH... & was aware of these hackers...

  • Hi Irene, thanks yes I seen the same via other ways of findings. Glad you understand me! Just had another when I was else where when had the message. KAT_62 I can't say who! But had word the user or users are trying to destroy this blog... Ok I need to go deeper now to sort this out... "E" :-)

  • Your welcome terror,that acct is closed now. :)

  • Thanks, Jb.

  • Please don't fall for the messages that are going around.Block them and then rest who follow then turn in.

  • I just got following message from someone who knew shadar88:

  • Recd today... Not interested but thanks Sender: shadar88 Sent: 6/8/21 3:21 PM Block user Message: I was visiting your profile and I wanted to let you know that more than 10000 royalgames users went to, I recommend you to send 1 ticket and they give you $1 usd welcome :)

  • When I look at avatar faces of some of the spammers, I recognize a few that would open multi-account to use for creating problems on the blog. They always had same face but different names and even different flags.

  • JB they will get closed anyway royal is aware of them

  • JB it’s the ones that sile put on maybe they been reported to support