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  • Need to add that the 100% bad is all from real players on that site.

  • Yeah, the spammers are busy on as well with negativity, it seems. But the 100% bad on "unmentionable" is hard to beat.

  • Duelcash just passed 1000 users in just one week, impressive, anyone else here playing on I'm @siller889 on duelcash

  • The rating of royalgames on Trustpilot is worse lol

  • Thanks sile for the links l have save them

  • Yeah down to 2.8, and all negative :) Just played the free game, and with score on 15m, showed result as 880k... Can't see why people would waste time.

  • @KMS57 I have been asking others to just help out and report to get them removed.They have no issues are doing so.I don't find that issue.Other things can't be helped so they need to be taken care of on the out side of this site.

  • Just checked again and the positive review was removed. Now it is 100% bad! (

  • @pcmacbob, are you spreading baseless rumors? Show me the proof!

  • Oh my! That "unmentionable" site must be desperate if the owner has to put in a 5-star rating because 80 were only a star and all negative! That was the last time I've checked...probably more disgruntled people commented by now, lol!

  • JB - You got it. Enjoy your spammers :)

  • Oh and yeah you liked RG so much that you had played often .. Oh wait a minute whats that 9 years since a game played < your loyalty is boundless lolol :)

  • Here we go again - Freeroll day and everyone going on about spamming. Just delete messages and contact support (ask for personal reply). If you check past messages an other FR days, all the posts say the same thing. Reading the Blog posts is enough to make you leave. if not happy here just delete ac

  • Yeah really I heard if was Megan & Harry.

  • I just got a spam message about, it smells to me that royalgames is trying to take their users to duelcash to avoid paying, royalgames has outstanding payments for 6 months, the site is a scam, that's why I am now a DuelCash (L) user.

  • Can anyone smell that? >

  • Why is everyone talking about duelcash? Simple, new games, better payment methods (Bitcoin), better jackpots, and the support responds in 4 hours max. I like royalgames, but duelcash has a better future, I heard a rumor that they are funded by Worldwinner.

  • Yes, I love duelcash Mahjong, royalgames was good in its time, but now it's time to go out of business, the future is WorldWinner and Duelcash, my favorite gaming sites!

  • Well I just registered in and the games are very good, royalgames has black screens and they don't pay their users for 4 months, I'm going to duelcash friends.

  • I'm fed up receiving messages concerning dualcasch... I'm not interested! If I was - I would have joined them but I'm not. I like Royal games and I will stay!