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  • Jag har registrerat mig på GameDuell...jag ångrar mig,tråkiga spel! =(

  • Min kommentar hör väl inte hemma här i denna tråden,men..varför har jag fått över 50 st vänförfrågningar helt plötslig...jag kan ju inte spela här på RG längre,jag kan inte sätta in pengar! Gratisspel är tråkiga....

  • I am sorry to hear that CV I think he has abuse a lot of people on here got nothing better to do in his real life your welcome

  • Check 'calendar' for the freerolls.....

  • freerolls kommer lite senare i dag ingen fara den dyker nog upp till slut det har den gjort förut.

  • Soooo funny how the game always ‘crashes’ when you have a good score, but is running fine if your score is not winning. Be more creative in how games are manipulated Fool!

  • looks like someone has done a runner

  • no freerolls?

  • Have you all overslept yet again, ... ¿where are the freerolls?

  • no freerolls????? still waiting on money i won to be gave to me been forever!!!!!!!!!smh

  • Freerolls??!!??

  • Where is the Free Rolls >>>??????

  • Friday Freerolls please?

  • Dagens frispel Candy Cruch kraschade när det skulle stänga hade 100 856p. Detta problem är ganska vanligt men RG fattar inget som alltid. RÖVHÅL

  • No freerolls today?

  • Good morning all! what a lovely dull and wet start to the day. I am missing my friend the sun with its rays of warmth that enrobes me with happiness and well-being.

  • Hmmm, 4400 in Solitaire? I'm trying to work out how that's even possible? Base score 4200 + 130 time bonus which is about usual for best players = 4330. But 4400? As I say, hmmmm...

  • I have only just been refunded for my outstanding cup games - the money is non withdrawable - you are thieves. Every time your game messes up and you eventually agree to refund my money, you make in non withdrawable. No wonder PayPal won't entertain your crooked thieving company.

  • And it will get worse! (COVID IDIOTS) I hope you read my post! And it's not just the young that have caused this? even people in 50's have added to this. It's not the Flu it's a dangerous Virus & kill anyone no matter age or how healthy you are! So please think twice about it if you have any brains.

  • Hi C_V Yes I seen it! St Ives Cornwall is about 200 miles from me, but been there many times on holidays! Beautiful place to visit as you know! Now we call the people who went there! "COVID IDIOTS" No jabs just abused a lovely seaside Town. And will go in a lockdown. No brain cells I call them. "E"