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  • I care deeply about this and against anyone being led down the garden path. Dr. Joseph Mercola, Osteopathic doctor, cites all his sources, followed him since I/T began. Trustworthy and he gives help to both sides. Spike Protein problems/anything else from shot - see his site. Warning: we're anti-V

  • ‘Mister dnalloh’ (from Sweden and Brit, with a cap on the handle): You don’t care enough to correct your spelling mistake. I believe in freedom of speech but this blog is not for political issues, under which you may categorize the Covid 19. Rhetoric: insincere or grandiloquent language.

  • Justbreathe45... Please no more. You were for North Korean chat anyway, so keep your mouth shut about a virus that isn't that dangerous at all. Chinese are laughing their asses off.

  • If you're not a moderator, then why would it be your place decide what may or may not be discussed? I'm almost never here, but these kind of things drive me crazy. Why would just using word "vaccine" be "rhetoric". You calling it "gene therapy" is more rhetoric than orginal comment.

  • JustBreathe45, Please refrain from comments about "vaccine." I've researched this plan-demic since the start. "Vaccine" is gene therapy. I believe that you are brainwashed. I don't wish to hear your rhetoric & this is no place for the subject. Thanks. Sol

  • I just checked her/him account (Hankmo) and this morning she had an account so I don't know if RG has cancelled/banned it, as I just tried again and it said user not found

  • Hi Dina I got 2 from her/him today and the translation is (You are a good player, I recommend, they have good prices) and she/he is German

  • Anyway, it just doesn't seem kosher to be such a large campaign by even non-registered people wanting us to go to DuelCash. I did look at the site and it isn't for me. I'm blocking all people other than my friends who send such messages. Are ya'll being hacked?

  • Royal Games, if you are reading these comments, just fyi, i keep getting messages from people I've never heard of: for example: Sie sind ein guter Spieler, ich empfehle Ihnen, sie haben gute Preise. Sometimes messages are in English. This one was from HANKMO, but there is no such name.

  • Nothing like a good thunderstorm to clear the air. I am glad of the rain for the garden and it freshens the pavements up to from dog marking that runs across the pathway.

  • Bee we had the thunder storms and it was a main downpour as well, I live just outside Dover

  • bee082 I had a wonderful birthday thank you. Doctor: “The results of your bold test have come in.” “You mean blood test?” “Hmm, must be a Type-O.”

  • Question????? Why does RG charge you to get your money. Don't they make enough off of us players.

  • Wish we could get a proper reply. Ebay is getting sellers away from PayPal so maybe there is a PP problem. I am finally getting frustrated. I can be patient if I understand the problem.

  • what about withdrawals? I heard that someone get withdrawals, so where is the problems with paypal?

  • They say the Variant will make ppl sicker quicker if not fully vaccinated.They need to come up with a Booster Shot as well.

  • Sile I must say thank you for your posting of jokes, they put a smile on my face in the dark times when the cockroaches were invading our blog. Did you have a good Birthday?

  • Did anyone have thunderstorms last night? It missed us and went East towards Kent.

  • Does anyone know if we can just let the 1.10 or 2.20 from the vip spin add to our money instead of trying to play the game from the free spin? 4 times in a row I have only got a black screen when I tried to play the game after my spin.

  • just seem to get bots the csr tickets so hope the fool can reply soon concerning the withdrawal issues. If not i will be contacting insolvency services uk, companies house the gambling commission and the national fraud and cyber crime action center. have a nice day