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  • @Elaine, guess your heart sank at the main evening News today? Outbreak in Cornwall, centred around St Ives, now I wonder what could have caused that?

  • @outlawitch, that used to happen at one time when spinner games/freerolls failed to start. People abused it tho and it was stopped, besides the credit was in NWF anyway, just trapped your "real" money in the site even more.

  • accounts to propogate this latest attack. It would not surprise me if that fake games site is another of their creations, its IP address keeps bouncing from country to country, that would be insane behaviour for any legitimate business.

  • Thanks for posting birthday lists Kez. Afraid I was a victim of that mob too, suffered a lengthy ban purely on the basis of them sending false accusations of abuse and cheating in great numbers, and support fell for it. They must really hate this site to have hung around so long and hijack even more

  • @book-lady2, I wouldn't bother about what Ebay is doing, different situation. Ebay created Paypal for their own site, but it grew phenomenally and broke out on its own, so know they're cutting the Gordian Knot and looking at other options.

  • I understand you Eliane you take care as well

  • Kez, your not stupid ok! You fell in a trap with that user! I had no one here for years to help me! So I learned that hard way trust me! I've even told you how they change messages & so on! The site won't agree! But I showed you how it is possible & many other things!!! Take care & your Mum. "E" :-)

  • Susan, message Kez or Irene. I'm sure many more will give you the full username in a personal message. Anyway another round of treatment tomorrow which makes me very tired! Take care all!!! "E" :-) x

  • I won’t do in future and you was very right Eliane l was a silly idiot for not listening to you in the first place but at least l know l keep clear from him now

  • I notice you did Eliane thanks for the warning l keep clear from him now you take care

  • Definitely you are right their Susan

  • Kez, I told you way back the user is dangerous! Sometimes you take notice of me! Look you know what's ahead of me I say no more about that now. Just be on guard 24/7 with the user! Different flags & even female accounts! Stay safe ok & don't get in a web with that user. I learned the hard way! :-) X

  • Well who ever he or SHE is they sure like to get lots of attention lol

  • Forgot the other user? that posted about? the Tax man or Vat man! Don't go there? I was self employed for over 30 years! You don't mess with the VAT man. But the Tax man can be just as bad! I know what you talk about trust me! Now I can't work due to health. You only keep 7yrs then burn! LOL :- )

  • On different flags! Not sure how the user dose it here but is possible & I know that for a! FACT... Also I would like to thank Sol I agree with you! 100% but what can we do? nothing at the moment only complain & gets us nowhere for months!!! 3rd

  • And l got banned by RG and my other account got shut as well

  • I had trouble with that user too terror and he cause me a lot of problems as well

  • Yes terror I & many players had trouble with that user! In the end the account got banned! I had all sorts of abuse from the user! Banned by RG's abuse! Many fell in the trap like me? not normal behaviour to say the least! But that user yes is still lurking on this site! Was green now gold?

  • @Terror..I hope rg gets the Big Bug that's running the spammer trolls..they're trying to shut down the blog again.

  • Hello everyone! Just been reading your posts... Thank goodness silvers cant post here! But they can read what we post! It would be looking for a needle in a haystack if they did lol! But I have many friends who are silver & great friends... Lets get the point now! 2nd