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  • Hi Sile, thanks for the screenshot & explaining! But I did notice on friends & enemies there is 8 more players with that username snufie not in UK Europe! With numbers after after the name, I'm not saying it is the same player! But I see it very strange!!! Take care ok. "E" :-) x

  • was waiting on 2 cup challenges from p speed now waiting on 1 wtf how some one play it ? king you were always a con n you should of never sold your bingo

  • That account has gone now.

  • Certainly strange that snufi was on line yesterday but hasn't played a game since Feb. Where is Poirot when you need him? The score isn't too surprising, my best is over 500,000 but that is a once in a blue moon event.

  • Opinion's rhetoric...theories beliefs all can be ?'d ...Https:// scroll to Hot Topics Click first one Covid...scroll down to amounts to what one best for them and one can post theirs? but not another one?...BS..!!

  • Smyle - I've never spent enough money on WW to see the chat. It's not like here where you don't even need an account to see the messages. Spending my gaming budget over there at the moment so maybe I'll make it to the chat someday! -Kate

  • Hi Sam / Elaine I was a little confused about that player you were talking about winning big on Release the creeps, as a recent event? because it happened back in February >> << obviously from my view its in Euro's but if you use the currency it would read £16.59.

  • Thanks KMS and everyone for their recommendation for other sites. Have a great day!

  • @Sam be careful ok! The user have not been near me yet after my post as you seen! "E" :-)

  • Snufi has been bombarding my message box all weekend about that other site. Strange how they are suddenly winning big money on the freeroll here.

  • I noticed that Royal Games is not even trying to fix their problems. The VIP spinner goes to black when trying to play a game. I have sent in a support ticket several months ago and yet here we are.

  • Sorry Jean, thanks for the congratulation list! I got carried away trying to win a few pence on (Release The Creeps) Think you know what I mean! LOL... I will try later to send them! Take care ok! "E" :-))) x

  • @Snufi great score & nice win in! Release The Creeps HTML5 and won £16.59 I must be missing something here? or well will have to put some more sand in my egg timer! LOL... Well I can hope can't I? all the best on your next win like iceman... :-)))

  • OMA'S birthday list 20 June: ------ BEAUTYROSE14 --- ---CEEJAY1967 --- JUNIELLA --- ODDJOB79 --- ROCKYSAM --- STEPHENIS40---------- Thanks x x x

  • Why when I try to play spinner game get blackscreen but can play the same game for money right after..RG hire some real programmers that can figure this our and let us restart the games the blackscreen

  • Freespin wheel is wonky....many times games will not play.

  • Nick: Många letar efter alternativ medan de väntar på att RG ska ta sig samman. Med tanke på alla osäkra webbplatser som finns där ute bör vi som gemenskap ge råd till dem som letar efter säkra alternativ.

  • KMS - LOL! I've played there since 2007 before they merged with GSN. Played on GameDuell since 2010, and here since 2008. All three have pluses and minuses. There is a chat community in WW, not in GD, tho. I hope RG gets working soon - I miss my fave games here!

  • free roll black screen again, haven't had that prob for a minute, it's back. also my daily spin, black screened. LAME

  • Sile, I will too. Hope RG recovers from all this nonsense and gets back to how it was. It was a great site with excellent games and features.