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  • Why are there never any jackpot tournaments for hoop de loop? That is my best game and all there are are h2h's.. super frustrating

  • Indeed, my games are limited to how much I scrape from the free rolls to play a cash game meagre pickings at the moment. Mind you this last week have been too busy making the most of my sons visit which is over now... all too soon :''''(

  • @comgame ah I see. Do you know, I've had a little win as my balance was up to 97 pence so thought play 17 pence games. Couple of Klondike games, and couple of others. But when you look on all games - just how little there is now. It is a shame.

  • Lucky Lantern has been around for a while now hun, but was unavailable to all but Diamond VIPs for ages but you didn't miss anything as failed to finish till they tweaked it in recent weeks.

  • New Game - Lucky Lantern - has that now returned

  • @hawewon, Midas Solitaire no longer runs on this site, you have to play Klondike Solitaire which is exactly the same

  • Hej! Finns det några fria spel idag? Hittar inget när jag söker.

  • nope ive always played midas solitaire from the start on this site its what my highest rank is in and now when i click that it takes me back to the start page like i just logged in.

  • Hawewon, my first car was a Gremlin and it was awesome. Card games don’t show in some states so maybe that’s why you couldn’t play.

  • well nm i just looked and of course ace is back after the free roll is over. been out of town since wed using the comp in the hotel just to try and play. im over it just god showing me i need to stop gambling. i never talk to anyone on here and when i do for the first time i get called a gremlin so

  • i am in the US tho and cant play on either of the websites ive seen talked about on here so this is it for me and im sad all card games are gone now its bs

  • im not a gremlin tyvm. sorry i got the date wrong thats why i said i think!!! save you aggression for the fool and leave me out of it.. im old, and it was a long time ago when i started with my 1st account. then we lost internet and i couldnt remember my old info so had to start a new account.

  • OMA'S birthday list 21 June: -------- BOENRA -- - CHICA-TROPICANA --- JIMMITROUT --- THETRACKSTER--- VJT56 --- ZULIMAN---------------- Thanks xx

  • games do not start after spinning the bonus wheel..

  • Thank you for letting me know l have reported that fake account about me Eliane

  • I have seen that Eliane l have reported it

  • Wishing a Happy Father's Day to all of the USA dads! Hope you've had a great day.

  • Kez, hope your reading? just had a new account on my visits! Using your username but a 2 at the end! "E" :-) x

  • Now it have dropped to 5 in the last hour! Maybe they seen my post? or RG's is on the case I don't know??? "E" :-)

  • @hap99 did rg refund one of your entrance fees in the cup tourney? maybe?